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  1. So i recently bought a vapor brothers and the whip part of my vape cracked so i headed over to my local Smoke 911 and after being hassled for ID even though im 24 they proceeded to sell me a incorrect size whip and when i return it less then 5 minutes later they say they cannot give refunds. They insisted it was the correct and only size and that i was out of luck. How weak is that. They wouldnt let me walk out of the store see that it doesnt in my car and return it. Negative rep for the new people at Smoke 911... /rant
  2. That sucks man, some headshop have people that can be dick's for no reason, like they know everything there is to know. I'm familiar with a lot like that in my area and try to stay clear of them if possible.
  3. its even worse because there used to be good helpful people working there.
    atleast blue rat smoke shop will get my business from now on
  4. That sucks don't shop there.

    My head shop ownz :D
  5. Damn that's pretty weak...I'd try talking to the manager or sending someone an email I dunno....the proposition of lost business usually get's you something in return ya know? Explain how much you liked the head shop and how the friendly helpful atmosphere made you only wanna shop there :rolleyes: but now you and your friends are too disappointed to return? I dunno worth a shot or just find a new place \ and or days they are not working??? Shrug!
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    If some lowly cash/sales douche is being worthless, just ask to speak with the manager or owner of the shop and explain the situation to them, it is really easy to get new employees fired if they are useless twats.

    At my local shop their turn over rate is pretty high on cash/sales people, so once every couple weeks theres a new person. Make good with the owner or manager and you are set and don't need to deal with the underlings anymore, and if they give you shit after you try to be nice about it you just say "I've been coming here for years, you are new, do you like your job?"

    also just so those in sales/cash jobs, im a manager of a retail store ive worked from cash to manager at many stores, just sharing experience hehe.
  7. My headshop owners is like that two, no refund even though I bought it for 90, I even said "Can I return it for 80? You'll make 10 dollars for nothing" and he said no... I hate that.

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