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Bad Dream

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by XxJWxX, Oct 2, 2002.

  1. Last night was the first time in a long time I havent smoked any bud before I went to sleep, so I was 100 percent sober almost.... had the worst sleep and day of my life due to a fucked up dream I had, not only a dream but a nightmare...I thought i'd tell all of you about it because I need someone to complain to so....

    (remember this is just a dream)

    It started out with me being at school in a class. I was summonsed to the main office where I met with a fat staff worker. who told me the breaking news... "Son....Your mom passed away earlier"....This broke my heart and the dream felt so real. I thought it actually happened at first. My mom is only 42 and still acts very very young, Im closer with her then anyone else, and if she did actually die in real life I would fucking literally die...So back to my dream. When I first heard him I actually felt that sharp pain in my heart, and I was crying, and couldnt stop crying. I forgot the rest of the dream but when I woke up in the morning I just felt like hearing her voice...I felt depressed and angry and worried. Now I think to myself, what if that really did happen? That shit scares me thinking about it. Strange thing was that the first night I go to bed sober, I have the worst nightmare of my entire life. Definitely the most emotional dream I ever had.

  2. Sound's like a real bad dream. I'm not a "dream interpreter" or anything but I just want to comment and say that smoking weed as a sleep aid isn't good. How long have you been blazing daily before going to sleep?

  3. I've been blazing before I sleep for longer then I can remember man...I think smoking is a great sleeping aid, why do you disagree?

  4. I have also been smoking every night b4 sleep, i have had no fine for me
  5. man that sucks, its just a dream though. I used to have recurring nightmares when I was a kid that would have little intros like tv shows. There was one about how whenever my mom left the room my cat would turn evil and grow big claws and scratch me all up and then pretend nice when my mom came around and she wouldn't believe me. Another one was that there was some type of weird taxation system where this crazy zombie looking dude would be allowed to enter your home randomly a year and walk through your house and if he saw you he got to eat you(and your family). That dream sucked! Yes, I was a disturbed child. I discovered lucid dreaming and conquered my nightmares though, and so can you... just buy RC patented lucid dreaming sample pack! 89.95 (3 easy installments of)
  6. I used to have recuring dreams about things happening to my feet, the first one involved this birthday party I went to where the walls were all yellow (which, for some reason was one of the scarier elements of the dream) I was laying on a couch and this clown danced around me while a dog sleeping at the end ot the couch would periodically open it's mouth and almost bite my feet off. In my dream I desperately wanted to sleep but couldn't ignore the dog or my feet would be bitten off. another one involved me sleeping in this jungle, kind of like a early 20th century explorer in africa. I woke up to find that my feet had been eaten by some animal and it hadn't even disturbed me from my sleep. Another (non foot related) dream involved my cousin hosting an episode of 'unsolved mysteries' where they were talking about my disapearence and how whatever happened to me they were sure it was gruesome and horrible, it then zoomed out from the tv that I was watching it on only to show myself as a skeleton inside a grave. oh well, at least I had a tv with me. I also had a dream similar to the one about your mom dying but at some point I realized it was a dream so it wasn't so bad. by far the scariest dream I've had involved my sister and i at this movie theater. this lion appeared on the screen, seamingly frozen in time, I looked away for a moment and when I looked back the lion had jumped out of the movie screen and stuck a straw in my head. after he was done sucking all the blood out of my body I sat there motionless in my dream watching my sister being attacked by this lion. not altogether the freakiest thing my mind has come up with but it happened when I was 7 so I got pretty freaked out. happy trails :)
  7. ludachris thats what im sayin man, when i DONT smoke is when I had the nightmare

    When I do smoke (like last night) I had a great sleep and woke up happy :)
  8. i used to have nightmares about aliens!! i would be so scared, i would have to wake my husband-then my boyfriend to get up( this would happen various times in the nite) and we would have to search the house and watch the sky for a bit. i would lay in bed literally shaking. this attributed to me seeing a ufo's when i was younger and once more when i was older. very scarey for me.

    i too for years have smoked before i go to bed and thought it was a great sleeping aid.
  9. I have nightmares ALL of the time but more so if I've taken a short break from smoking. I never get high to induce get's me all energetic and shit...of course, that could be why I'm a member of Insomniacs Anonymous.

    My nightmares are SO intense. And scary. I've awakened myself screaming and then there's that silent scream where you are terrified and you want to scream but nothing happens. There's a scary masked man that has been invading my dreams since I was a teenager and turning them into nightmares, and I run through what always seems like an empty hospital to try to get away from him. When I wake up after he visits, my legs are ALWAYS sore from me running in my dream. It's weird.

    If someone dies, then I cry in my sleep. My mother also died in a few of my nightmares and it fucked me up for about a week after them. I feel the same way about my mother as you do, XxJWxX!

    That would freak me out, KraziHare, if something bad happened to my feet in a dream. I'm a foot person so that wouldn't float well with me!!!! I'd let out some bloodcurdling screams if I had those dreams.

    I hope everyone sleeps well tonight!;)
  10. How about when you run out of weed? I used to the same thing when I was getting a steady flow of weed, but when I got dry it became harder for me to fall asleep. I didn't get nightmares though.
  11. FadedSpinner what part of LA you from?
  12. i've had emotional dreams like that a few times. in fact i had a dream recently that *i* had passed on, and my spirit was visiting my family after the fact. i felt like i had not done enough in my life, particularly that i hadn't expressed how much i care for my family and loved ones. i woke up crying.

    i interpreted my dream to mean that i have unresolved emotions i have to deal with, and to express my love to those i care about before it's *too late*. to me, it was a rude awakening like hey, you are taking these people for granted. it's time to wake up and give them the respect and love they deserve. does that make sense? i've been going to visit my parents about twice a month now. they're in their 50s, have alot of life in them yet, but i want to spend as much time as i can with thim. it's kind of weird, but now that i'm in my mid 20s, i am kinda making up for my rambunctious angsty years haha!

    maybe you should go hug on your moms a bit :) i'm sure she'd love it, and it's always good to let those you love how much you love 'em.

  13. First of all, :smoke: Top idea ganjaphish:smoke: If everyone took that philosophy life would be cool.

    Now back to what XxJWxX quoted "Strange thing was that the first night I go to bed sober, I have the worst nightmare of my entire life."

    I'm no medical expert but I do know one thing, smoking :smoking: suppresses your dreams.
    Also dreaming is a very important part of the brains function to organise memory while you are asleep.
    So if you :smoking: regularly every night you get a good nights sleep with no dreaming.
    This causes you to suffer from various types of memory related, how can I put it, disfunctions :rolleyes:
    Now if you don't :smoking: one night guess what happens, you experience severe dream catchup. This is your brain going into organise overdrive causing you to have the most profound emotional dreams.

    Obviously everyone experiences these things in many varying degrees, and I can tell you that I have very strong dreams, but I like them and they calm down after a couple of nights.

    Any way that's my bit, time for a bed time :smoke:
  14. No no no I do have lots of dreams, but they are always good ones. I went to sleep sober and all of a sudden....nightmare.

    Ganjaphish I completely agree, you got some interesting philosophy.
  15. Exactly, like I said it supresses your dreams (not removes them entirely) and affects people to varying degrees.
    So you could have mild pleasant dreams as in your case but remove the :smoke: and your body tries to catch up, hence the more intense dreams.

    I didn't make it up, it is a medical fact.
    Do a search for memory loss related to :smoke: and see what you find.

    Time to install my newly purchased copy of Unreal Tournament 2003 and have a :smoking: while it does.

    Take it easy.
  16. hmm.. wow i didn't know that. my brain goin into overdrive, omg look out....

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