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Discussion in 'General' started by celicaracer05, Apr 18, 2006.

  1. if you know your dealer like a brother and you know hes getting it for far less then 50 (an 8th) and he tries to sell it to you for 55 (an 8th) is that a rip off... should you ever need to pay more then 50 for an 8th, even if they claim that its the best shit on the planet?
  2. you pay 55 an 8th if its worth 55 to you.

    He shouldnt have any problem lettin you sample a bit to see if its really the "best shit on the planet"

    If you dont like the way your dealer works, get a new one.
  3. I've always been thankful for my dealers. I pay whatever they're askin', no questions asked. I never weigh the shit to see if they're ripping me off, I never complain about it not getting me high. What's the use? The thing is... I've got a dealer! ;)
  4. I buy shit from a friend for about $50/8th (I buy a large amount so it's cheaper, but that's what he would charge for it) and I know for sure that he has great connections since he's been in the game for a really long time (like 10 years), but I don't think it's a ripoff. He may be a friend but he's still got a business to run, still has bills to pay, etc etc. Hell, since most of his customers are his friends it would be almost impossible for him to make money if he sold us our stuff cheap.

    Tweech, you're a trusting person. I've been ripped off so many times it's rediculous. If a person says they're selling an 8th and then don't, that's not part of the business. That's just lying. So I don't give a fuck if it's insulting to weight their bag with my scale before I buy--it's my damn money and if he's legit he's got nothing to worry about. Or maybe you're joking, I'm quite high.

  5. I just figure that having a steady connection is the higher priority. I've been ripped off many times in the past, too. When that happens, I do what TheColonel says... I get a new dealer. And for years now, I've been going through people who have the connections. I don't have the connections myself. My nephew sets up my purchases currently. Before I moved down South, I was going through this girl that I used to work with. I'd drive her to the dealers, she'd go in and buy it, and Í'd let her pinch what she thought was a reasonable amount for her troubles. I guess I'm sorta generous in that area, but it seems to build some system of trust. :cool:

  6. Oh I get what you're saying. Yeah I don't hassle my reliable dealers either. I thought you ment like you were so excited to find a new dealer that you didn't care if it was weighed out and stuff.
  7. I wouldn't pay more than 50 for the 1/8th's.

    I enjoy having dealers you can trust. I remember when I would be worried about getting skimped or jipped. Now i have 2 hook-ups. One scales it out 3.5, and the other I don't even worry about it, because its fat in the bag. Almost always over.
  8. most people who sell weed arent selling it so that their customers can get high...they're either wanting to make money or get free herb for themselves...regardless of what he pays for it you have to decide what its worth to you, for him that extra he charges is covering his time and such but importantly the risk hes taking on by selling...hes got alot more chance to get screwed over than you are

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