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  1. I know everyone has bad days. But do you guys ever have days, where nothing really goes that bad, maybe you have a trigger, or something shitty happens, but it's not the end of the world, and you know it's not the end of the world.

    But then somehow your whole day still goes to shit. You overreact to stupid things, and it accumulates into a big fucking ball of stress anxiety and sadness(I say sadness because it's horrible while it lasts but it's only there for about a day)

    Just a generally shitty day. . . Getting high... Fuck.. I still have to study and shit.
  2. Yes, I have definitely had days like that. Sometimes it's a few in a row. I have learned, in life, that "when it rains, it pours."

    I have learned to just ride it out. I say to myself, "Self, shit is going to suck for a while, but just ride it out and we can get back to chlling again soon."

    Always seems to work out in the end :cool:

  3. Wise words, thanks. It's true.. When it rains it pours.
  4. Thats pretty much an average day for me, be happy its only once in a while for you.
    But I actually have problems worth worrying over:mad:
  5. I'm a girl but...

    I just cry and do whatever it takes to get all the frustration etc. out.

    Then I go relax and calm myself down. Some ways I do are:

    - taking a walk
    - playing with my dog
    - drinking something warm and soothing while reading or listening to music
    - nap
    - bake
    - smoke :smoke:
    - draw or paint
    - write

    Whatever I can to just escape. Then I go to bed early and then next day I clean up the debris and continue.

    My advice is to do something similar if you can?

  6. Wait...these are the same...yes?
  7. hehe, bake cakes!
  8. Hahaha +rep :yummy:
  9. I get like this a few times a month. Sucks, I know.
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    Everyone has these days, dude, its part of life. Its true, when it seems like one thing goes wrong, everything will. Sometimes, when it rains, it doesn't hurricanes.

    But you gotta go thru the bad to get to the good. Thankfully, you'll also have some good days, and when you do, the bad one's won't even be memories anymore.

    Hope everything improves for you soon, OP.

    edited to add: Find something that takes the anger out and makes you feel better. Working out does it for me. I take all the anger I have and use it to lift heavier and push out more reps than usual. At the end of the workout, I'm drained, but I feel 10x better.
  11. Used to have them a lot. I've taught myself to react to them though. Like already said, I just do activities I like. Swimming, listening to music, going to sleep, working out, driving around, etc.

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