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Bad cough

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by HFTB, Jun 12, 2010.

  1. Hey everyone, I had a pretty bad run-in with a cough. It was so bad at one time that I couldn't go 15 seconds without coughing. This was about 2 months ago, and it lasted around a month in duration.
    Now, I'm coughing every 30 seconds again, for today, and yesterday. Any chance it could be the Ganja?
  2. Sure, especially if you are smoking blunts (the tocacco in the wrap is horrible). Any smoke is bad for the lungs. Have you seen a doctor though? You could have chronic bronchitis or a similar condition and should probably get checked out.

    Try getting a vape, or making edibles. Give your lungs a few weeks of rest.
  3. My lungs aren't in the best of shape due to my smoking history but it's mainly ok..I cough sometimes randomly.
  4. Sounds like something you should tell your doctor. I suffer from chronic bronchitis. Maybe you too? I'll cough and cough after every hit a few times a year. It ends when I've coughed up all the phlegm and I won't experience it again for at least a few months.
  5. sounds a lot like me man, i was told i had asthmatic bronchitis.
  6. thanks man, sounds like a good plan. I was told I had Asthmatic bronchitis.
  7. Either..

    1. Take a little time off, a TB is always great, I'd support ya <3
    2. Said before, but it's a good idea, use a vape or edibles.
    3. Take come syrup ;)
    4. Check #3
  8. Idk i have a cough. Its not very chronik but its a dry cough most likely from weed, cigs, blacks....
    And yes get some cough syrup with codiene its the shit
  9. did you all know that studies show that smoking marijuana KILLS lung cells rather then damaging them like tobacco? this is good acaully because damaged cells are what cancer starts out as. plus your lungs can make more cells for you lungs to replace the dead ones. just give your lungs a few weeks to heal if all you smoke is weed like me. and i never cough, or have any problems with couging because of weed. and yea i agree with osg, i would go to a doctor if its every 30 seconds.

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