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bad cough attacks

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by wolfkidz, Oct 28, 2008.

  1. nothing really much to say here, i smoke alot of weed, I had a cold but continued to smoke alot, but now my cough has gotten worse and I get horrible uncontrollable coughing attacks which last about a minute or 2 any suggestions, im not going to cut back, not oging to smoke during the week till it gets better, does anyone else get this, is it just because i have a cough/cold? or is this going to happen to me if i continue what i was doing.
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    I get the same thing when i'm sick. It lasts me like a month or two even though i'm better. And i'll cough until i'm practically gagging. Once i actually threw up, it was so bad i coudln't control it.
    I also smoke cigarettes though, and smoke weed every night.
  3. damn well atleast its not a perma thing, im have not smoked all day 2day, but am still getting this attacks. hopefully i just get better
  4. thats weird, i have a cold as well. starting to go away now though, bascially gone. i didnt let that cold stop me, haha feel way better if ya smoke while having a cold, or not a cold. even if your warm.
  5. Yeah, I get this when I am sick then continue to smoke a lot. They go away if you just take a week off from smoking, I just have to quit cigarettes. I usually never take that week off, so it lasts for about a month. I used to have to skip class because I knew I could start coughing uncontrollably any time during the class. I've never puked from it, but I have been on my knees trying to catch my breath.
  6. yea I didnt have any at work today thank god, still not smoking, but it wont last hallowween is friday :p
  7. Try smoking cigs.....the cough is almost enough to make me want to quit. Almost....
  8. If you smoke while sick it will def. prolong your cough. you should really try to take a break and let yourself heal. I have a friend who has a perpetual "smokers cough." No on wants to be around that. NASTY!

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