Bad Contractors

Discussion in 'General' started by Rasta_Man, Jun 3, 2006.

  1. Okay, In the last year, my landlord has been doing alot of work on the house. We've agree to let her to do all this, it's no big inconvinience and rent is cheap anyways.

    I'm a general contractor and I was more than willing to help out here and there, just as a neighboorly thing, she's a sweet old lady. And being one, she flattly refused my help and hired various local tradespeople.

    She just had one of my roomate's showers re-tiled. I had a look, just being curious and they ripped this poor old lady off big time. Like, they have obviously never tiled in their lives. Didn't use spacers, all grout lines are crooked and not level.

    On the far side, the tiles stick out a full 3/4" and the 'handymen' (yes, handymen, not actual tradespeople) just lathered it up with plaster, apparently planning to sand on bare tiles.

    On the opposite side, the bottom of the wall where they replaced sheet-rock jets out a pull 3/8" inch, i can nearly stick my finger in the wall!

    If you don't know anything about construction or manufacturing, that is a HUGE fucking problem. The original construction-grade tile job was far better than this.

    I'm no good at tiling myself, this isn't something i could really help her with. I'm trying to get in contact with several plumbers i know, seeing if they might want to do me a favor and help me re-tile this ladie's wall or find a reliable tiler. She stands to loose about $600 in labour and another $450 in supplies alone, not mention having to have it redone.

    This just pisses me off! Why would somebody do this and intentionally screw somebody over to make a couple hundred bucks?

    I'm going to go smoke a joint and get eaten alive my mosquitos.

    EDIT: they still have to install fixtures tommorow, I think I'll share a few words with these so-called handymen.
  2. its sad that this is a typical thing that happens some people half ass it to make the quick buck
  3. damn, what a bunch of assholes. to answer your question, many people are ONLY motivated by money(you know that i'm sure)

    taking advantage of a little old lady......can't get much lower than that
  4. Seriously, that's fucking LOW.

    Go set em straight, RM!!!
  5. I know how you feel, Rasta. My dads a contractor as well. He kicks ass. He always does way more than he was paid to do. Then I look at the brand new, very expensive houses being built all over town now, and the construction is so shitty I can't even describe it. Hope your place gets fixed soon. Give those contractors my best regards.

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