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  1. WEED IS BAD...............WTFFFFFFFFFFF???? Pretty catching subject Im hoping EVERYONE comes cause I want to talk about a few things.

    Now what does weed do to harm your body? What bad does it do? Does it really not cause ANY problems that can kill you? It doesn't cause lung cancer and all that(though the shit some people use could, such as smoking joints with tin foil and so on...)? Why do you think it's not legal?

    I personally don't care if its legal or not by the way if your wondering...(i like making money :))
  2. WEED doesn't cause cancer, it's the way we ingest it into our system, by inhaling SMOKE!! Smoke is bad, bad, bad shit...

    Um....what else...apparently if your border line skitso it can push you over the edge. Can cause depression, yet depressed people claim it gives them a lift. (like me) BUT I can come down off my little lift like a tonne of bricks some days!! can we forget that effect!! It does shockin' stuff to your short term memory. Can repress old memories eg. childhood stuff, but it all comes back if you lay off the smoke for awhile. It's never GONE forever!

    Apart from that.....can't really come up with any other cons, can tell ya lots of pro's.....:)
  3. hehe true
  4. pot has over 4000 chemicals, and about half are cancer causing. what that means to me? absolutely nothing!!!! lol
    i'm more afraid of what i smoke my pot in then the pot itself.

    it's illegal becasue it is a drug that does no harm, doesn't cause death or violent behavior in the consumer, it heals pain,and people enjoy it. i know more violent drunks than enough, and not one violent pothead. that's why it's illegal - because it doesn't cause problems! lol

    btw, your memory is on a downward slide anyway. pot just makes your brain work slower and more wandering, therefore it is hard to think/focus/recall. stop pot for a while, you'll be brilliant. lol
  5. good points, keep them coming! (interesting)
  6. I, like other silent potheads, have a different philosophy of weed, and the effects it can have on the body, but more importantly, what it allows the mind to do.

    I am not a long-time smoker, at least not yet, having only been smoking for a little more than a year (constant smoking that is, I KNEW what pot was, but like many uninformed people, had been taught all the "evils" and none of the benefits). Having been raised by "Christian" parents, real ones, not the Jerry Fartwells of 'religion', I was taught a great respect for all/most natural things of this world. However, my parents also instilled their belief of the Christian God, and that is where weed has helped me.

    Have you ever noticed that when high your mind seems to race.... in my opinion this is what many would refer to when they say short term memory is "shot" while high on pot... you are not able to focus in on any one thought, because of the rapid sucession that they come in. This happened to me also, the first couple of times that I smoked. Then, I began to take more notice of all things.... politics, conspiracy theories, historical writtings, geography, and to a lesser extent, mainly because it has always left me baffled, astrophysics, metaphysics, and mythical & mystical studies (Tarot, Astral projection, meditation).

    Last night (while high) another "thing" hit me..... I didn't start starving for knowledge until AFTER I started to smoke on a regular basis. What weed did for me was stir up, awaken that part of me that KNOWS, without a doubt that there is something greater than me, that KNOWS the "church" has everything so completely wrong, it is both sorrowful and infuriating.

    I would hazard that this is the TRUE threat that keeps the weed illegal and from the hands of the general public. The thought process that many "potheads" discover within themselves helps them to shake off the shackles of this world, and begin to come into focus on the things that really are important in the cosmic sense of the word.
    Therein is where the vast types of "potheads" come from, whether they are artists, musicians, writers, or whatever it is they use to get their "thoughts" out.

    Of course, this is just the philosophy of a "pothead" and therefore should be taken in the spirit in which it is offered, simply something for you to think about.....


  7. don't say 'weed has 4000 chemicals in it'. everything's a chemical, chamomile tea probably has 5000 chemicals in it.
  8. True, saying that chemical stuff was making me think hmmm maybe I should stop weed! But that thought lasted about 3 seconds then I smelled the sweet scent of Mary Jane.

    Auctually now I believe that when I started on pot it was when I started going fuck church. Unless it was the part where they made kids sign a piece of paper saying they will be virgins till married(isn't there a word for that, can't think of it). But I think it was after I tryed pot that made me realize that church is bull shit.

    Now the plant that grows are wonderful herb is naturally grown, therefor if there is a god he created it. Though I have yet to find one pot-smoker who goes to church and enjoys it still. I think I would enjoy going to a black church and laughing but that about it, not following and praying at home and shit like that.

    Is there any true christians(or muslim or whatever you would be) who smoke pot????

    I don't think "god" would make a item that would make people realize church is all wrong and a bunch of bull.

    True there might of been a guy back in the day named Jesus who might of been the greatest public speaker of all times(he probably found pot, who knows). But I am sure this guy didn't do most the shit in the bible.

    There are some really good sites you can read for hours on how there is no god, very interesting shit.

    One thing that REALLY ticks me off is when you show what is like PERFECT proff that god is a bunch of bull shit to a "christian" they don't believe it. That is due to them setting in their mind at first "this is bull, this can't be true, there is a god" Well NO SHIT if your thinking its fake your not going to read it fully. I wanna shove a fuckin joint in their months and force them to smoke it and then open up their head and auctually read it to realize how true the info is.

    Most of what you ask a christian when you say WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY they can only answer, cause the bible says so! That is definitly not enough for me to go on. And how I put it is hey, if there is a god and he comes down then I will be like whoa, shit man! And follow I guess, and if somehow I deny god like some dude did in the bible well then I guess I do, I could really care less. Can't honestly predict what I would do in the situation so whatever is fine with me, not going to waste my time going to church and praising the lord.

    hmmm what is this thread about, kind of forgot now that I am down here after writing all this...hope this realates some how :-/
  9. oh damn, kind of made it a god topic now, hehe. Well since I made it I don't really care, talk about god here if you want too. Kind of realates for a few seconds but then goes on to back it up a little :)
  10. oops, should of posted up there: Well I guess all that is saying that weed opens up your mind to realize stuff more. TO realize the church is false. Lets you come up with new ideas you never would of thought of if you werent high, it expands the mind man
  11. I wont argue that marijuana has negative attributes, because in all honesty, to me it does....but how much the positive factors outweight the negatives is very important as well. Coffee has more "chemicals" in it and cafeine is a poison to humans, but I still drink it. Inhaling any type of smoke is not good for your body. Lungs were simply not meant to inhale smoke....But the bottom line for me is, I enjoy the effects of smoking pot, and Im not going to stop untill I personally decide its time(if that time ever comes ;) ).....Nobody has the right to decide what an individual can or cannot do to their own body if that individual is of responsible age and what they're doing does not harm another individual...period

  12. there's actually a group of people who are very religious and also dedicated to stopping the marijuana prohibition...

    Its a pretty cool site
  13. "Lungs were simply not meant to inhale smoke"

    Okay this just got me thinkin about how sweet it would be if we evolved so that smoke was fine for the lungs (I belive that evolution is still happening but very slowly and it happens so that we can adapt better to earth)

    I guess this went from weed to chruch to evolution! :)
  14. they've recently discovered that certain receptors that thc triggers to get you high are only there to appearently recieve that one signal from marijuana. Interesting to think that our bodies in a way were designed to be triggered by marijuana. I'd really like to se another article about this finding though, because I only read it once in a local newspaper.
  15. I'm a Christian, and I smoke way to much pot BUT I'm working on it!!

    I don't want to depress anyone or crush anyone's wonder view of pot BUT I'm currently seperated from my partner due to violence. He's been smoking everyday for 9yrs, I've been everyday for over 7yrs - loosing count of the yrs these days!!

    Anyway, I've come to the conclusion that my partner has issues and instead of dealing with them he smokes it away, if it comes back he smokes more and more and so on. When he doesn't have pot and can't hide from his issues he is extremely short tempered and does some pretty irrational shit. He's not a drinker either.....yet he uses pot like a drinker uses their alchole.

    This is why I'm on a farm 300km away from him. I miss him like hell. He's getting counselling etc, so there's a chance he could get better. Personally I'd like to see him give up the weed for awhile and see if he can sort his shit out....not give up forever but use it recreationally not as a crutch!

    So to me, in a round about way, weed CAN lead to violence and irrational behaviour if used heavly for a long period of time.
  16. Damn, everday for 7 and 9 years, that I think is kind of too much smoking the shit.

    But also I thought of a few other things now. You can't really be a christian if your smoking pot, because you are breaking a law, and not following laws are againts the bible, therefor against god(at least I think).

    Then again, I think I have came up with a pretty good idea to legalize weed. If we all go to church and convience them that mary jane should be legal and get churches to help say it should be legal, what could be better?! All(sounds so easy, hehe) you would have to do is go to churches with a group of people, talk to paster, ask if you can go up as like a witness or some shit. DRESS NICE, not like a stoner or some ghetto ass kid, that would help. If they ask more just say you want to talk about your turn around from doing bad to following god. But then when your auctually up in front of church you give your speech on weed. Be like "If god grew weed, why should it be illegal?" "He made it, therefore it is truely not right for the law to make it illegal." And so I, you should get what I am saying now
  17. if you abuse ganja that is bad.
    ganja, like everything else in life,
    must be enjoyed in moderation.
  18. Smoking cannabis has nothing to do with being or not being a Christian. Church leaders that are opposed to it are so because they believe it is harmful to our bodies. This is from propaganda that we all knows not true. Scripture states to make your body like the lords temple and to keep it whole.

    The other post refering to following the government authority is yes backed by scripture but no not in what you think. Communist china made it illegal to hold private worship services or bible studies, does that mean people shouldn't?

    You have no problems being a Christian and enjoying cannabis. Just as a chocolate lover or one who likes massages has no problem being a Christian.

    Saying the church is narrow minded because they don't embrace ideas of no god/ atheism can be turned around and asked why the atheists don't embrace or hear out evidence for creationism? There at no point has ever there been found evidence against creationism. Go to for more info if you'd like
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  19. I know when i first started going to church with my friend i kind of thought it was dumb then about a week later i smoked weed for the first time and then i went to this weird fuckin church camp and they tried to make us sign a pieve of paper saying we wouldnt ever do drugs, or have sex until were married and then i signed the drugs one and they were talking about it and were like drugs are terrible weed is so bad- then i took the slip and tore it up and i started a debate on how its bad and they said bullshit and i told them the truth and all the good it did and they didn't say shit after that and put me in the corner --haha then i blazed in the bathroom while i was high int he cornerr
  20. man, you need to open up your horizons, I know plenty of religious people, not just christians that smoke pot, it does not make you think fuck church, that is something your mind came to the conclusion of. Many intellegent people in the past have come to the conclusion that God is and always has been. Marijuana does not make you realise things that you could not have realised before. And please stop making it sound like god doesnt exist because of pot... that is just lame
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