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  1. for a while now my friend has been wanting to try some acid. I had been trying to deter him cos he dosent handle his herbage very well either and i just got a fone call saying he had to get "taken away" cos he thought absolutely everyone were Detectives trying to shoot him. Seeya Doyle i'll see u in 6 months. (they rekn 6 months rehab will cure his "illness")

    Has anyone else ever had a bad trip or known someone who has?

    Cheers :hello:
    The Duck.
  2. ive heard of ppl never comin down from there lippy trips. make sure your gettin good L or you can really fuck yourself up, permanently.
  3. Is there a way you can ID a bad batch or a good L???

    Or is just know who u know and take at your own risk?

    Cheers :hello:
    The Duck.
  4. i dont think its so much "bad l" vers "good l" some people just cant handle their acid. although sometimes you could get a research chemical but thats rare but that could be some "bad l"
  5. Cos i've never had a bad trip and i think thats why i enjoy them more then other people, they tell me as soon as u have a bad one u wont go back..
  6. well ive had bad trips, lots. but my last trip after a year was great.
  7. It sounds like he got some really good acid actually, haha, the guy just didn't know what he was getting into apparently.

  8. The only kind of bad acid is the kind that is fake. :rolleyes:

    If LSD causes a permanent effect to your psyche then you either took waaay too much or you were already predisposed to some sort of psychological problem and the LSD just brought it to the surface way too quickly for you to handle.
  9. i actualy wish there were new drugs invented i dont know if thats the junky inside me screaming to get out but im bored with todays 'excitment' like dont get me rong their fun and shit, but i only enjoy acid and pot so i want something newwwwwwww!!!
    Whadya got for me deezy lawl

    The Duck.
  10. take some shrooms.
  11. well, usually the LSD u get is or has sinthetic heroin in it, so if u've done good real acid (hard to find) and then done fake shit ull know for sure, if u got a question msg me
  12. that is the best bet there
  13. you dont know shit son. dont buy into propoganda aint no goddamn acid with heroin in it thats rediculous, sorry guy.
  14. Care to back that up with some evidence?

    How someone could put enough 'synthetic heroin' on a tab of acid to give any sort of effect is beyond me.

    I believe you are misinformed.
  15. well it was the same batch of tripple dipped hearts that i would normaly buy and yeah i guess everyones system is different
  16. I'm in Oz and i find it soo drigin hard to find em. Thinkin of ordering spores...
  17. yeah guy just grow your own. you can read all about it at the shroomery.
  18. misinformed? no, i was just stating whats in the acid around my area, what proof do u need, if u dont believe me, f*ck off and dont listen, im not posting random garbage....and you do not even know how much a hit of heroin or even how much u need to get buzz.. obviously there isnt alot of f*cking heroin on the tab but im pretty sure even a little bit of heroin will get u a buzz and im pretty sure u'd knotice? duh duh duh?
  19. I'm actualy curious to make my own drugs i've got some recipes for speed and acid but i dont wanna be a guinea pig... what should i do :rolleyes:
  20. Dude settle down, have fun in threads for gods sake, dont swear in my thread either.
    I'll settle this the easy way. u are both accomplished drug knowers lawl :devious:

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