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  1. I wnat it.....NOW!
    i have some beef bacon in my friegge right nowsf.
    FUCKIN wierd,,,,omg i spelled weirtd rong. blahhh.
  2. Put some maple syrup in the pan with it, candied bacon.
  3. no! you just put brown sugar and put that hsit in the oven...THATS JFUCKIN candies bacon!
  4. Ive heard of that, same idea, yours is kind of more upper class, so you win you win

    mOVin on up in liufe...movinion up..
  6. I'm kinda jealous of how fucked up you are
  7. I really did a thread for
    My boyfriend came over and we ate all of the bacon and sausage in my fridge:[
    Now i have no bacon.
  8. I have 3 packs of bacon come over and we can eat some ad smoke a bowl
  9. if you say beer can with a english accent it sounds like you're saying bacon with a Jamaican accent.
  10. LOl, I love these drunk threads of yours. :p

  11. Im getting married to bacon <3
  12. [quote name='"WestCoast510"']Im getting married to bacon <3[/quote]

    I love lamp.....I marry lamp?
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    This just cannot be left out of any Bacon thread IMO.


    Bacon Starry Night. van Gogh Remake.

    For whatever reason me and the girlfrand were saying that like two or three days ago...Forget where i saw it...AHAH good post. mini Nostalgia :)
  14. Can't touch this.
  15. I was about to say can't tell if attention whore or really fucked up...

    Then I realized this thread was from last night lol
  16. Bacon all day everyday
  17. yes please.
  18. OMG IT TOTALY FUCKING DOES! I can't stop now!

    sounds fucking not sure i used that right. but its sounds good right?

    If i married bacon, I would be sentenced to life in prison the next day for voluntary manslaughter and cannibalism....

    THAT. Is fucking art...Beautiful.
  19. So after all this, I have no bacon and thats really all i want...

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