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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by everdred, May 3, 2011.

  1. Hello, my father and I both have our cards and i'm interested in starting a garden in the backyard.

    We live near Sacramento, California and are allowed 6 plants each. He grew one with minimal care and results last year, but i'm interested in doing it better.

    We have access to clones from the dispenseries.

    I've been trying to do my homework but there's so much info out there. Looking for some good advice.
  2. your advice is to commit to reading and reading and prob. a bit more reading! good luck! :)
  3. lots of robbers in Sacramento especially in the North, South & East Area, i would be more worried about security and being able to protect my garden 1st & foremost, i would get some clones from one of the clubs, go to the local hydro store get yourself some 10 gallon pots, and some advanced nutrients, and have them get you set up with some pH & ppm meters, and you will be rocking and rolling, good luck keep us posted
  4. i dont know how far you want to travel, but Oakland has the best clone selection ive seen in any club ive seen in cali.

    I like harbor side health center. you can google their daily menu of clones. like 50+ fire strains

    Look into foxfarm products. like chaching. I would drop 300 in nutrients and good soil. You could make a lb back.
  5. Thanks for the replies.

    I live near Sacramento not in it. Not too worried about robbers, anybody stupid enough to enter my backyard can play with my pitbull on security camera if they want.

    Most info for outdoor growing I find is either for guerrilla growing or huge crops. I want to know what's best for a home garden in my backyard that can be tended to daily. Any helpful links for that specifically?

    Say im down to go to a hydroponic store and drop $300 on supplies. What am I looking for? If I show them my card will they be willing to help me cultivate cannabis?
  6. The stores don't care about a card what you need is a soil tester if using your outdoor soil. If not you need the biggest pot u can manage to have.. I use 10-15 gal for outside.. A good dirt something with worm castings. You need to grow plants indoor for while until you think strong enough for the elements.. When they are small rain wind etc will smash or uproot plant.. Any other questions ask..

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