Discussion in 'General' started by bubonicplague, Aug 20, 2007.

  1. I am finally back from the meth capital of the usa

    fuck yeaaaa

    (new mexico)

    smoking my first bowl in 10 days :smoke:

    how is everyone lately?

    --- the bubonic plague
  2. Where about in New Mexico? I used to live there. Taos, exactly.

    I had a roommate, who was a HEAVY meth user. She eventually got kicked out, cause she didn't have any money to her name. Oh well...
  3. Is it new mexico?

    Id almost think hawiai.
  4. hawaii is indeed meth ridden. go dog the bounty hunter!
  5. its a huge place for meth

    i know somone who works in the prison


    like half of the people in there addictions department is meth users


  6. i thought arkansas was the meth capital of the world lol. i am 99% sure that the county that i live in is the meth capital of the east coast, they said it on a documentary on A&E soo hah
  7. welcome back. How does that bowl feel? I've been out of weed for 8 days and its probably going to be 10 before i get anything.

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