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Discussion in 'General' started by gone fishin, Sep 8, 2007.

  1. ive been out of work since last year, i fell off of a faulty ladder, i broke two ribs on each side, i broke my tail bone, my collarbone, and my neck had a hairline fracture it it...however my back is pretty fucked up, i get spasm really bad, IE i have to lay down on my stomach and wait for it to subside...i dont do pills anymore not even tylenol...some relief comes from puffin, but thats not why i smoke...

    im on workmans comp and collecting some other checks which cover everything, but i feel like im really not doing anything worthwhile

    im in community college getting my second associates, the last one in english, this one in business management...

    still, im going to take up time...i really would like to do something in the high school i was in fine art, doing pottery, music, and the basic art stuff (drawing, painting, and the such)...

    so heres what im thinking, i really would love to start blowing glass, and eventually start making pieces and the such...however im not sure even where to start looking into this...

    so i propose these questions

    is there heavy manual labor involved? not supposed to straight up lift too much (from what im recalling, 100 lbs i think)

    is there a good school to go to?...i love learning, and always have, so the schools difficulty is not a problem..infact i find the harder work more rewarding

    how easy is it to break into this feild if you have proper education and training? im willing to work hard, but i really dont want to spend my life like a starving musician looking for atleast some sort of gig, ya know?

    from what ive seen, the work looks really fun and something i would enjoy doing...

    any answers/comments are much appreciated...

  2. anyone, anyone at all?:confused:
  3. I live in the UK, there are tons of Art colleges you can do night courses and such but in all fairness Googles the World dude, Theres gotta be some shit on there.

  4. yeah, ive been trying to google stuff for the past hour or two, but i get the same info it seems..and none of it is what im looking for sadly

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