Back in the day. Wrote while fucked up. Readable.

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    --Boobies to follow--

    Ok, I used to deal ultrams to this one kid, who's girlfriend i pretty much got to finger fuck herself over the phone for me, she also said she loved me blah blah whatever.

    Anyways, I'd hook him up with trams $1 a piece because we'd both laugh at how stupid we were for fighting over some actually not so good looking (not ugly) chick.

    So he says he can get some 10mg tabs for like 4 bucks a peice and the guy had some purp. so im like shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit, lemme get 10 tabs ($40) and the rest in purp ($60). we meet at waffle house, run into this FINE ASS bitch I've known for ALL my life (she was with her BF, i'll post a pic she gave me, hehe).

    Anyways. I give him the $100 and he goes, and goes and goes, I mean I call 20 times minimum, he answers sometimes and says im comin blah blah.

    The next couple days i went to his house with a bat in my truck just waiting to catch his ass slippin. His g-ma always came to the fuckin door with some excuse.
    Well i gave up for a week and he calls and says he got pulled over (his g ma didnt say shit about this) and he said he was sorry and he'd pay me back plus intrest (I'm 6'6 250lbs with a bald head and tattoo's, he makes sure he complimemnts me on how big I am, as in "Holy fuck I keep forgetting how huge you are, etc etc." so anyways I got tired of fuck of it but gave up.

    the funny thing is i had a friend who claims to be Folk (not important, dont give a flying fuck about gangs) who was drunk as fuck who rode with me by this kids house (the night he jacked me) and actually tried to jump out of my truck while it was moving so he could get a brick and bust the fuck heads windows. I conviced him not too lol, but yeah.

    Why did I give up? My buddies mom, who's son, my buddy, was one of his (the jackoffer's) buddies. She's a CO (commanding officer) at the detention center and she's cool as fuck with me. She's says I'm her favorite friend of her son's and she just adores me, etc etc. even though she knows i smoke herb and do more shit than i need too. but anyways....

    She tells me (on the low low) than the sherrifs department is waiting for this kid to fuck up (no seat belt, light out, no signal, ANYTHING) and they will bust his ass and put him away so quick he wont know what hit him.

    That alone was enough for me to not give a shit about $100. If I got cought with that kid or involved with him...holy shit. I've 2 doors down from a place that got raided by the sherrif's department. I was a white kid in a mexican trailerpark when it went down. when i pulled in there (with 3-4 mexi's in my truck) they stared me down with their AR15's at the ready but not pointed (I know so much about gun models etc. its pshyco).

    The guy's who's house I was staying at (while the raid went down) actually got raided by the same department a few months before. At that same place I've actually had 2 city cops follow me in to the trailer park and sit across the street from his house while i got my fishing rods (legit) from him lol. They followed me out but i guess they saw me loading up the fishing gear and let me go.

    I also was at an aparment complex (my home away from home for drugs at the time) about to head a couple hours down the road for a party with my dealer (he was big time with coke, ex, herb, etc.,. im white, i was the driver, he trusted me with his daughter, his drugs, his money, everything. he was my *****! im white but whatever.) Well anyways, we're loading up about to go (alot of crazy shit happned during that day but im sure you're tired of reading this. anways we were about to go when TWO cops pulled into the complex. It has an island in the middle with a maitnence budilding and a play area. He LEFT me there holding his daugher and ran and hid under a car (he had a ton of shit for the party, we got FUCKED up when it went down). But anyways, he's under the car, I'm holding his half black/half mexican baby, I'm white, wearing a M85 military feild jacket, and just standing there. The cop cars took different directions around the middle island and stopped on the back side. My boy is still under the car and I'm standing there hoping they leave soon.

    The cops leave and I try calling my boys phone. No answer. I sat in my truck having to keep his 3 year old daughter occupied for 20 minutes wondering where the fuck he went. He showed up eventually and we rode 3 cars deep (husband and wife up front, me him and his daughter in the middle, and a car full of hoochies taking up the rear).

    We end up in Inman in some shack looking house, that was actually nice as fuck on the inside. We crushed up some X pills we got earlier ---(part of the crazy adventure I had into the ghetto with him and his daughter. he showed me a .380 he had as soon as we got there and said if anybody wanted to try some shit he'd take care of it, and i was dumbfounded. i was the whitest guy in this place people. I had to drive around the place with his daughter in the car for 10-15mins while he did business.)----we crushed up the X with some coke and ate it (me, him, the girls, one of their brothers) and smoked 2 blunts of some dro, and 4 blunts of some fire mids.

    I wasnt in my comfort zone being in an unfamiar place with only one (2 if you count his daughter) I know. I stayed up the WHOLE NIGHT, until morning, then left. Not even sure if I knew the way home since it was new and we went there at night.

    I just wrote a book, holy shit. One 10mg perc and some black russians put me in the fuckin story tellin zone.

    anyways heres the really super hot chick i talked to that night a i've known all my life and never got to fuck. she didnt mind sending me this or "cybering" which was boring.


    Sweet, soft, perfect ass.


    Bad quality camera phone, better when in person.

  2. sick fuckin story haha

    that chick is smokin
  3. Yeah I didnt even want to re read the story when i wrote it.

    She's stupidly hot man. Actually has a thing for big guys so I should of tried harder to hit it.
    She had no problem sleeping on my shoulder in class, putting her arm around me, letting me pick her up, etc. lol
  4. woooooah, hello pretty lady:wave:

    I clicked this thread and saw the text wall of death and almost hit back, then I scrolled down and oh wow look tits :)

    Good shit man. I still didnt read anything you wrote though, thanks for the treat.
  5. Lol I know, I'll put a teaser upskirt picture at the top and maybe a booty pic if I get enough rep.

    I'm hurtin for some reppin homies.
  6. lol YOU are? I have over 1k posts and 2 bars lol. But thats because 90% of my posts are in my growbox/ grow thread, I'm not a dick or anything :p
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  8. lol true.
    I'd be happier if we didn't have rep period.

    But come on, ass and titties without rep? shame shame.
  9. haha the pics made it all worth it
  10. hahhaahha <3 the pic.

    that pic will make this thread stay around forever as long as its here.
  11. stop teasing me!

    very sexy lady :hello:
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    :p Chicks dig the whole big teddy bear thing.
    To bad they don't like to fuck teddy bears haha.

    Im the size of a gorilla man. Has its upsides though ahahaha.

    When you do get rep (thanks to those that have so far) I get the green ones, I get the red ones, but what the hell are the grey ones?
  13. rep to that :D
  14. Never got to fuck the first one, but this girl can make your bed rock.
    I'm usually an ass man, the first girl had it all, but this girl had some a nice rack.

  15. more!! haha im drunk :D
  16. The rest I can't post because they're illegal. For the board and every where else lol.
    Sorry guys. Enjoy these all you want though.

    I still dont get this "grey rep" stuff.
  17. means the people reppin you dont have enough rep

    nice pics btw
  18. Ohhh, ok. They got really technical with that shit.

  19. dude thats a pretty sick story, and some badass sexy pics too +Rep for being a baller
  20. if u black out the nips i think u can post more

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