Back In Bristol, Ct

Discussion in 'General' started by Blainizzle, Jun 13, 2013.

  1. I need to meet some people. I just got back; my dealer moved. This town seems pretty boring. Where are the good places to hang out around here?

  2. All of CT sucks imo. I live 15 min outside of Hartford
  3. I'm in Bristol too lol. Live by central hs.
  4. Fairfield county is the worst.  New Haven county is my favorite part of CT.  And the parts where theres just trees for miles can be refreshing.  But overall CT sucks.  I live in Stamford and everyone in Fairfield County either has way too much money or is miserable because they're surrounded by towns with more money than them.  It sucks.  The more north you get the better it seems.  Fairfield isn't as bad as westport which isn't as bad as norwalk which isn't as bad get the picture.  Hartford seems shitty all together though.
  5. Yeah, it is but I don't live there, just don't wanna say my town. Lol. But my town is alright I guess, it's big and everything is in reach by walking basically. Which is nice
  6. whats up bristol. i grew up in naugy.
    i live in houston now
    at least yall got good pizza up there lol
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    I just moved to the area recently. I don't know a single soul around so if you or Weasel wanted to meet up somewhere PM me and let's figure it out.
  8. Back at school until summer
  9. Thank god, I forgot about this thread
  10. I'm never on here because typically replies are useless. lol

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