Back for another round 600w closet grow

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  1. hello again Grass city :wave:, its been a little over a year since my last grow and im back for another round with a much better setup. this is my first closet grow and have 4 beautiful strains. 2 Deep Purple, 1 Grand daddy purp, 2 Orange , and 1 Frost. Right now the room is a consistent 72 degrees day and night, with an average humidity of 45% ,which is a bug im still trying to workout as i would like it in the 60-70% range.i blame it on the oversized fan we are using, might just have to play with the fan speed a bit more. The room is still in the works so i will post pictures as soon as she is finished. i should also mention this Grow is within the legal guidelines set by the state of Washington for medical marijuana patients.

    Room size = 5'wide X 9' deep with vaulted ceiling that start at 6' and climb to 10'
    we will be partitioning the room into 5x5x7 flowering room
    Exhaust = 8" 747cfm vortex pulling through a 6" carbon filter into an attic
    that is well vented. fan speed adjusted with a fan sped controller
    Intake = 8" vent in door entrance ( exhaust fan is so strong we didn't need to spend
    the extra $$$ on an intake fan )
    Lighting = ballast- 400-600W lumatek w/ super lumens
    Bulbs - 400w MH for veg
    600w Lumatek HPS bulb for flower
    Hood - 8" vented Blockbuster hood
    Nutrients = Earth Juice Grow and Bloom
    Botanicare- liquid karma / cal-mag+

    I will be posting once or twice a week, so stay tuned.... Pictures soon to come!!!!
  2. Sounds exciting, keep us up to date!

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