Bacardi 151

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  1. Tried it for the first time yesterday, $25 for 750ml here in south TX.
    Not too shabby considering what it is and how little you need to get fucked up. Anyone else have any experiences with this rum? Do you like it straight? Any good drinks to make with it? :wave:

    1st thread wooo!
  2. 21 shots of 151 rum..

    i couldn't even order food at mc donalds straight up saw 2 of fucking everything.. couldn't read, couldn't catch a ball, couldn't say my own name right, couldn't do nothing except walk in a straight line.
  3. Holy fuck,
    That's a whole lotta liquor.
    I had about 4 shots mixed in with apple juice. After that and a quad of some chronic I couldn't see straight. I felt cross-eyed as fuck! Did you get that numbing sensation when you kicked it back?
  4. How quickly did you do this? 21 shots of 90 proof liquor in 2 hours will have you in a coma, if not dead. 21 shots of 151 proof? Dead, no doubt.
  5. Common sense here, saying you're correct.
  6. Yeah I feel like he has to be exaggerating, especially because I doubt anyone could walk after that, let alone in a straight line!
  7. That and Jagermeister together 3 shots and you get so fucked up. I did 5 not to long ago and got utterly fucked up.

    But if you got balls half shot of 151 is nice haha you lose your mouth though for a few seconds and your throat.

    its 75% dudes
  8. make some caribou lou. 151 + malibou + pineapple juice
  9. dont take this the wrong way but i have trouble believing you could survive that unless your 200+ pounds.... anyway the stuff is ill IMO, 4-5 shots gets you wavy, so the bottle lasts forever, the taste isnt even bad it just burns like a bitch. and you can light it on fire and take flaming shots, nuff said
  10. Not true. I'm Irish and back when I was 15 or 16 me and one of my best buds drank 14 shots of 151 in about an hour and although we were so drunk we could hardly stand I'm still alive.

    Also, my Irish buddy who is a complete beast drank 48 shots of whiskey on St. Pattys day before he passed out.

    All depends on the person.
  11. hehehe
  12. whats funny about that?

  13. irish....being able to drink a shitload...chill with the sensitivity, buddy its a joke, im irish too
  14. wasn't being sensitive :hello:

    Just didn't see the humor in it because being Irish was the point of my argument bud!
  15. jew guys overestimate
    death bringing abilities
  16. Just got back from New Zealand.
  17. hardy har
    that's smack talking
    where you're from
    i take it?
    : p
  18. Living in Australia right now.

    Was in Christchurch, Kaikoura, Queenstown, Mumford Sound, and Franz Josef.

    Had such a blast but spent tons of money!
  19. My tier for rum goes as follows

    Sailor Jerry's for tste and overall goodness

    Captains for the commonness and aint bad

    but 151

    I had about 18 shots for my 18th birthday?

    yeah I havent had it since :laughing:
  20. lol

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