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  1. yo what's up, GC! no better people to appreciate good & rare music than stoners, and i thought i'd bring my love of music to the table by putting out reviews of albums/songs every so often. why not give ya something to do :gc_rocks:

    if you have any contributions as well, let me know! i'd love to hear it.
    i'll also keep you guys periodically updated on my world music search: trying to find one good song from every country on earth!

    enjoy, happy blazing and let's share the wealth of music!
  2. date: wed, 8/20/08
    time: 12.46a // CST
    now playing: time // timbaland.she wants revenge

    timbaland surely delivers with this number. with a beat and guitar riff that can only be described as a 'frenetic, computerized attempt at darkness' he sends us a truly unique sounds. he subtly fuses a rhythm undoubtably the signature timothy z. mosley sound with a remarkably radioheadesque experimental-meddle back section. a must listen for anyone with a musical taste slightly off-center.

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  3. I dont get it, so your blog is a forum post?

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