Baby white widow!

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  1. Alright my white widow is about 11 days old or so, its stem shot up really fast, the leaves aren't very massive, theres only two sets right now (three is you count the tiny baby leaves)

    anyway recently two leaves the top two, started to become discolored, normal soil(from a store), 2 inches away from the flouresent lights, been watering normally.

    Its not a mold, its not a fungus (seems to be part of the leaf)

    I have a picture; look at the top leaves:

    Is this a normal occurance for the white widow strain? its a whitey-brown color almost? Should I transplant already or ?

    Any ideas what could be causing this?
  2. have you been using tap water to water it? 2 inches seems a bit close, just my opinion.

  3. I have been using tap water, its not city water, has no chlorine or anything, its filtered for in the well to begin with, after thats its filtered twice and left for 24 hours before I use it.

    I've used it on other plants which have grown crazily. (Oh and the flourescents give off almost absolutely no heat)

    i've already moved it further from the light tho.
  4. are you using nutes. they looked burned to me
  5. No nutes.

    That would be dumbz.

    I am in dire need for someone to identify this problem! i've looked across various thorough plant problems and can't seem to identify it.

    No nutes, normal purified water, just normal potting soil, under a lamp. Somtimes the grow room goes up to around 90, instead of 70-80, could this be causing it? it barely ever goes that high though.
  7. Dude my white widow are doin that too...

    but my tips on the first set of leaves are going black and wilted (only the black bits are wilted)

    bit of a yellowish tinge as well (not really noticable)

    dunno whats happening with mine
  8. We need info guys!!! heeeeelp usssss.
  9. Please tell us what type of soil you are using. Are there holes in the bottom of the cup? Don't over water. Looks pretty moist there. Lights are perfect @ 2-3 inches above the plants.

  10. I will elaborate, there are holes in the cup, soil is Home Gardener, premium organic potting soil. It has barkfines, peatmoss, vermiculite.

    "organic potting mix is actually a soiless plant medium developed for indoor and outdoor use, this unique product is formulated from blended porportions of quality materials such as: canadian sphagnum peatmoss, composted bark fines and vermiculite"

    Apparently this mixtures negates diseases or sicknesses common with soils and allows the roots to grow stronger/better. true with the other plants.

    This has worked perfectly for previous weed plants. : /
  11. hey there :wave:

    I'm growing white widow at the moment and had a similar problem with the 1st set of leaves.
    Just so happens i've got a pic of them on day 12 of veg, you can see the browning.
    I didn't change anything and just let it grow when they got really brown/yellow i cut em off.
    Bye the way these were under cfl's and 2 inches is the max distance you want. I have my fan blowing slightly up to help take the heat up :)
    You can check out what they look like now here:

  12. THats twelve days after they sprouted??

    So i cut off the two dying leaves, decided to change the container, and man on man, the roots were at the very bottom, a couple fell off.

    I transplanted into a bigger container, does anyone think it has a chance at survival? The plant was tiny compared to the container, and those roots were right at the bottom.

    Shitttt. Transplanting my other widows before its too late.
  14. Hey shitty luck on those roots. Thats one thing iv realized can sneak up on you. you worry bout the nutes and lights and air and all that sh*t but forget bout routs..iv found the best way to counter this is after they get to a decent size and look strong (use judgement look for strong stem and 3+leaves) repot into the final container you plan to use so like 3 or 5 gallon...this saves the plan the stress caused by transplating so you dont have to worry bout transpotting a bigger plant.
  15. This is actually what I do, I wait for the third set of leaves to be either half grown or full grown and repot into a 3-5 gallon pot. Worked fine for the first one, I used a larger original container for my first grow on WW than my previous plant (which is now reaching 12inches and pretty big)

    The only difference was that the White Widow's roots went way deeper, way quicker than the other plant. I was left guessing at the cause of the leaves discoloration, I thought "Maybe its rootbound" but threw the idea out, I wanted to replant many times but didn't want to bother incase it was the plant that was dying and not a root problem.

    Hopefully this all works out, I doubt it will die and i'll save my other white widows which are growing.

    On another note, two seeds I planted died quickly after germination, even though germination worked great. Can over-watering quickly end these guys? (I don't mean over-watering all that much)
  16. Sure is :D

    I reckon your plants will pull through for ya :smoking:
  17. Thats madness, my plants at 10-12 days have their original set of leaves, and starting new ones.

    What are you growing with? soil, lighting, ect.
  18. Hi Iscariot :wave:

    There were growing in 1/2 general potting soil 1/4 perelite and 1/4 vacumlite (sp?)
    Lighting at that point was 100 watt of cfl's and a small fan blowing over them thats it really.

    This is my first grow so i'm just winging it lol, just planted my next grow of bubblicious this afternoon hopefully they grow as well :)
  19. Pretty much the same I guess, my lights are weaker though. I'm guessing it has to do with original pot size or somthing.

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