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  1. i got 7 baby plants hidden in the woods and i am going out to check them today as i havent done so since monday (now its 9:13 wednesday morn). they are about 2 weeks old and are still only about 2 or 3 in tall. any thing i can do to speed them up a bit. also i really want them to be organic. any other suggestions from veteren guerilla growers will be really appreciated
  2. They grow how they grow. Not much you can do about them right now except water and love them. Don't worry it won't be long.
  3. during mid and late vegetation plants always grow more rapidly and can sometimes grow a 3 inches in 1 day
  4. In the first couple of weeks, most of the activity is happening below ground, making a root system. I always find that green growth really takes off when the first 5-fingered leaves appear.
  5. All those comments ...none of which really answered your prefer chems....and thats from alot of experiementing....anyway if you go the route your going ....try bat shit (only problem: the guano per square meter is quite it could be really expensive)....try getting fish or fish guts (either a whole fish and just bury the fucker right beside the plants ....shit loads of N...plants will love ya for its easy to get) There is so many options for organic, but those listed above from my experiences are the best .....the bat shit make your buds explode literally in can buy the stuff at any hemp store (CANADA) or wallmart (USA)
  6. the question "anything i can do to speed them up?" the previous posts all told him/her they dont need to be sped up

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