Baby Mephisto Seedling Struggling to open?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Chainsm0k3r, Jul 31, 2017.

  1. The shell came off on its own and now I have this nub, watching it 2 days and it has stayed closed like this. Normal or? This is a Mephisto Genetics S.O.D.K. feminized from Seedsman. Seed didn't look stellar to begin with, hoping she makes it. Thoughts?[​IMG]

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  2. What are you growing in bro, sand ?

    Read this somewhere on this forum - mist it with a water bottle and try get it off with a tooth pick.
  3. I agree what the fuck are you growing in lol

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  4. its coco coir with a layer of sand on the bottom on the sides and I put an inch on the top once they grow a little, it looks normal and functions as glass for the gnats, Ive never had a gnat problem using a 1 inch layer of sand... thats what it looks like when they are bigger, cant even see the coco coir[​IMG]

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  5. coco? lol

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  6. lol all good you know what's going on way more than me as I have not even got to that stage yet..
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  7. Just harvested, got some Lemon Autos going, always use sand... its not that uncommon and works well[​IMG][​IMG]

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  8. Have no choice, as a patient here in Rhode Island our prices are nuts, not like CO or CA, $25 a quarter ish, I wish.

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  9. I feel yah! It's insane prices some ppl come up with and not only that but scetchy sometimes I just want to avoid all that if I can
  10. I generally do! Avoid it, that is. You can buy edibles online and they will ship to you. Pretty crazy what we can and can't get our hands on these days. My younger days it was standard that a quarter was $25 no matter the quality. When everyone else was raising the price, my dealer kept it at $25 for years! Idk how he did that but he refused to let the prices soar. He had reasoning but I don't remember what it was. Now I'm researching the grow tents , etc. I'm hoping to start mine next year with plenty of resources at my fingertips!
  11. I see some people swear by using Coco. I've never seen them use sand though. Didn't know about the glass for gnats. Interesting. Where did you learn that?

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