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Baby Hawaiian Woodrose seeds

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by blitz, May 31, 2002.

  1. Well, i;ve been thinking of trying these Baby Hawaiian Woodrose seeds

    From what I hear, the trip isn't that bad (tho some people have a bad one, or dont trip much)... but anyway, they are seeds that contain LSA...

    Anyone here do them, or know anything about it? (such as a good place to order them from.. since like all drugs, these are overpriced here, $1 a seed... where i have seen them as low as $1 for 10 seeds)
  2. hey buddy, those con have cyanide in them so i wouldnt do it, but yeah theylle give u a little trip, but i would recomend 10x salvia.
  3. I thought it was morning glory seeds that get you fucked up...that's what kids do around here. You can just buy em at the grocery store.
  4. morning glory is the same LSA drug, just in a MUCH less percentage.

    The Baby Hawaiian Woodrose seeds have this white fuzz on them thats supposed to be bad, which is why you deshell them. And the ones I'd be getting:

    are not chemically treated
  5. Oh, I'd be doing shrooms... jst the shit we been getting here is either complete shit, not Hallucinogenic, or is just laced with acid (did that a few times by mistake)... so I'm pretty much waiting to either grow some myself (which may be a little hard.. could use a good, inexpensive technique, still looking for the right one).. or possibly a friend (or a few) may grow in their appartments (I'm still stuck living with my parents).

    So, untill i get a good setup for shrooms, I'm stuck doin other shit (which is why I'm thinking about trying thses).. and not exactly ready to be doing acid too much.

    As for salvia, that shit any good? and know a good place to get the 10x extracts?
  6. Wonka: thanks.. that shit is expensive, damn. Does it actually give a good trip, or should I just get a gram of good KB instead.... tho I do intend on getting those seeds, I figure its worth a try, and if I dont like them, I can quickly sell them to people, make a desent profit even.
  7. salvia has no comparison to weed...

    you only have to buy salvia in minute amounts, because you can only take like 2 or 3 hits at a time, because after those hit you're so fucked up you cant function...

    we're talking the hardest trip you'll ever have in your life.its a really short trip, it only lasts like 10 minutes, but its really really hard tripping. you dont need to buy more than like a half gram of salvia at a time.
  8. is this the leaves you're talking about, or the extract? I heard the leaves tend to not work for people. I still want to try it though.
  9. the extract
  10. Yes! you should check it out, I've done it, and had a great time. What you do is scrape the seeds some, grind them up, put them in a glass of water, and strain it. LSA is water soluble. I had a 11 hour trip, and have never been so euphoric. You can get the stuff off the internet really cheap. I just ordered a 100 seeds for $20, that's quite a few trips.

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