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  1. I have this frustrating/confusing problem with having a babyface. Alright so I have been called cute a billion times I'm not boasting that's just how it is. I also get called adorable sometimes and even once beautiful. Now you'll probably be thinking whats wrong with that but it always seems that girls go for older manly guys. I always get eyeballed by girls younger than me like 16 and younger. The problem with that is I'm 18 turning 19 soon so they're not an option.

    Now here comes my main problem I'll catch girls my age and even older checking me out like once I saw a mum point me out to her daughter. The thing is I don't know if they're checking me out because I'm just cute like a baby or if they find me attractive. So I get anxious of approaching a girl who will be looking my way because I'll instantly think oh they're just staring at me because I'm cute like a baby. I'm just venting really but I do have a question for you girls. If you're with your friends would you point out and stare at a guy that you thought was baby cute or would you only do that with someone you found attractive?
  2. Around here we have a term for people without beards.. we call them women.
  3. Lucky for you there are ways to get rid of or hide your baby face, but sadly none are really easy. I still have a babyface myself and I am turning 21 really soon.
    1) If you can grow facial hair. Grow facial hair and don't stop. For me it makes a 3-6 year age difference. W/o beard people think I am 17, with it 21-24.
    2) Get a bad ass scar from a knife fight. I don't have one but dammit they look cool, you could probably drink at bars and fuck wenches with that and some chin scuffle.
    3) Dress older, and more professional, it turns babyface into young adult without actually doing anything to your face. Older chicks don't dig the younger look, they want guys who are mature in their appearance.
    4) The full proof method... Grow older... get older, look older. Works everytime, just takes a while.
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    Don't worry, you'll love that shit in a few years. I look like I'm 17 without any facial hair, so I just let that shit scruff up and I look my age (20)
  5. Pics or GTFO
  6. I have a baby face , but I grew a beard. I'm actually thinking about going back to baby face.
  7. Baby face can work wonders, many friends and myself work wonders with it.
  8. Girls love baby faces. Especially dimples and shit. Just don't dress like a bum. Keep up your appearance and you'll be fine. Your insecurity is all in your head.
  9. I'm 24 and occasionally get carded when buying LIGHTERS.
    Shit sucks dude, i know where you're coming from. I'm tired of being "cute", i wanna be "fucking hot as hell".
  10. are you one of those closed minded middle eastern conservative old fashioned islam muslim people that believe if a man does not have a beard he will burn in hell?
    Ya caught me.
  12. 23 and yes I am a baby face. I like it. I can grow 3/5 of a beard =[

  13. I don't usually go for younger guys but a cute baby face appeals to me. Especially if they look real innocent, and are shy. haha i become a predator and try to corrupt them. ;)
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    Grasscity. It's real out here 
  15. OMG This is me after I shaved my beard. Now I look like I'm in H.S. dammit. 
    Same here; I appear to be somewhere between 18 and 35 years old depending on the amount of facial hair I have at the time.
  17. The beard tends to make the person look "wise" or "experienced", that usually get looks from older women. 
    Nah, dude. I get way more younger girls than I do older girls. The average range for the ones that get after me is 18-21. They fuckin' love it.
  19. It sucks when you have a severe lack of facial hair.
    Iv'e never shaved my beard or mustache simply because people already tell me I look like I belong in HS. 

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