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baby dro?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by planet eclipse, Jan 30, 2009.

  1. Hmm, I have only heard it a couple times, but I heard it's really dank!
  2. ive herd 2 dif meaning for it when i was alot younger my older brother smoked baby dro but they called it that bc it was better than regs but not as good as dro but i havent herd the name until recently and now its really dank shit like 20 for .5 a gram
  3. I have had the term used for dank looking weed that was picked prematurely. If that's the case the THC levels won't be that high. If you pick premature or wait too long you don't get as much THC, there is just a right time to harvest when the trichs are so much percentage amber.

    But maybe that's not why they are calling it that, maybe because it's beasters.
  4. theres no such thing as "dro" its just the way it was grown, garbage weed can still be "dro" just because of the way it was grown..
  5. Baby dro is usually used to refer to as something in between regs and some good stuff, like beasters. It may be really high mids or low dank. At least that's what I 'm used to hearing.
  6. Lol, that is true but it's just what a lot of people use to say it's good weed. If I call my dealer up right now and ask for some 'Dro' he will look for some dank for me, not some shwag whether it was hydroponically grown or not.
  7. i get a half O for 60
  8. Dro refers to the growing style, not a strain.
  9. Baby Dro is what dealers call mids when they wanna make some money off you.
  10. I've heard it used to describe dro that was danker than mids, but not as dank as really good dro.
  11. we know it means hydroponically grown. Where i'm from dro is beasters. if you ask for dro there not going to give you shwag they'll give you some good shit. Baby dro is mids.:smoking:
  12. i wish everyone used the same terms. I know its next to impossible, but it would make things so much easier.

    i never heard that one, but its not bad. I do think there should be a word in between mids and dank. beasters works good, but i'm not commiting to it.

    when i talk to ppl i just say "this is low grade dank" , "high grade mids".
  13. baby dro around where i live is good shit.. ppl think its better than dro but i dont think so it all depends how the person grew it.. someone can have the best seeds but if they fuck up then its not dro.
  14. /hey guys im new to GC (first post ever!) but anyway. i just picked up a nic of baby dro and im savin it for tomorrow. 4/20 :D lol but yea i haven't smoked in a month cause i was trying to get a job but i though ya know special occasion so i went and picked it up. this is all the dealer had so ill post back how good the high it tomorrow. happy toking :)
  15. all the slang makes me laugh. I was watching the show called DEA the other week, well long story short they went from focusing on a major crack house to the neighborhoods "hydro" connection selling out of what else a fried chicken shop!
    Anywho what had me all beside myself was when these 'super-street-smart' narcs when on to educate the masses by informing them that "Hydro" marijuana was the top shelf shit coming in by way of Canada not to be confused with the "Dirt" Mexican weed!

    I thought what a bunch of fools wish this guy was around to buy my harvest from my first "Hydro" grow back in the day!
  16. so i toked up and guess what? i was on my ass :D its a great recommendation if you just wana try. more of a head high than a body though and i like to be glued to the couch :/
  17. around me they call a blend of med fro and regi baby dro and the people who can't afford to smoke fro, but don't wanna smoke schwag smoke it.:hippie:
  18. Dont buy that shit its way overpriced baby dro is just fire korn it shoul run you about 50 an oz. if your closer to the south texas border..... and it should run you about 5 or 10 a g.

  19. This was from 2011 . Pretty sure he brought it and smoked it by now

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