B Wilson Worked Slide

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    Ordered this the other day.. B Wilson worked slide with disc screen. It smokes great with the disc screen... And you can honestly get a good 3 rips if you pack it tight.. Doesn't seem to clog at all, Im very happy with my purchase. Have a good one gc

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  2. Picked up literally the same slide a couple weeks ago. Perfect high airflow slide for snaps. Your's looks real good on your ROOR too
  3. thank you doktre it does make for some great airflow! Getting a hit is as easy as breathing lol!! What kind of tube did u order yours for? I love the slyme colored marbles! Great piece for 50$
    For my slymed custom stemline to double honeycomb. Hands down worth the $50. I use it almost every day. 
    Sorry if the pictures are huge, couldn't figure out how to reduce them

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  5. . Very nice man! That slide goes perfect with your tube... I know I've used mine everyday since it showed up except for a group session the other day.

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