B.Wilson 6 arm bubbler vs Mobius reti perc

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  1. Which piece performs better?
  2. [quote name='"I lik3 w33d"']mobius.[/quote]


    Tree percs are outdatted, especially non-gridded ones.

    Im not sure why the Wilson brothers still havnt learned to grid their tree.

    Anyways, those B Wilson 6 arm bubblers look nice but they probably aren't smooth at all compared to the möbius.
  3. I think the reti pales in comparison to the matrix but it is likely a better option than the 6 arm. what's the price difference?
  4. The Mobius is on sale for $250 and the B. Wilson is $200
  5. Mobius. Matrix perc>Tree perc.
  6. $250? Get it. nuff said.
  7. Whats the difference between the reti and matrix perc?
  8. Reti is his first no drag perc.... Its like a perc within a perc.
    The matrix is his second perc and I like it better. I never hit a reti but did water test in the headshop where I got my matrix and just preferred the looks and hit of it better.
    The stereo matrix is his new design...well its just basically 2 matrix's on top of each other. Check it out. Theres a thread here search stereo matrix.
  9. if you have the cash to throw down a bit more get the matrix bub. otherwise the reti is still a solid choice

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