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  1. Black lights are good for your plants :eek:

    Controlled studies have shown a significant positive effect on a plants health + metabolism/growth - particularly in young plants - when common black lights have been used in conjunction with HID lighting.

    Most black lights have a wave length of 300 to to 450 nanometers which puts them in the far blue/violet spectrum with most fixing in about 400 nanometers.

    Far blue or UVA wavelengths - would be those produced by a rising sun.

    So if you so desire - I recommend placing your black light in your chamber and timing it to come on 30 minutes before your other lights and turn off 30 minutes into your regular light cycle :hello:
  2. That actually sounds interesting and true but do you have any references??
  3. I'd be concerned having the cycle of the light turn on 30 minutes before lights on, I haven't had to deal with light leaks in ages I don't want another hermie showing up.

    Oh wait I just read about it being for more young plants, If I run 24/0 there's no way to take advantage of this correct?
  4. 30 minutes wont give you a hermi morange - IMO

    Its about maintaining a stable photoperiod - the duration is secondary.

    I've seen grow cfl's which turn down to 5% power at night - to replicate moonlight.

    I know this sounds like i'm bullshitting now but I will re find my references - they were obscure papers on brianmc.
  5. The moon gives off such little light, like .25 or .30 foot candles, I don't know if that's even enough to register to the plant.
  6. have you ever spent much time at high altitude?

    In mountainous regions - Moon and starlight is very bright indeed - this would imply that indica plants would be more likely to benefit.
  7. Dude this is total bullshit.

    Black lights only add heat..PERIOD.
  8. no that is bullshit - black lights produce heat, light, sound/vibration and lots more.

    It just shows that Reputation means nothing in regards to credibility
  9. In respect to a cannabis grow they only add heat.

    Course; Ed Rosenthall, Jorge Cervantes, Greg Green, R.C. Clarke, and ohh about 99.9999% of all growers could be wrong I suppose.

    Don't You think this has been discussed before? Even had head to head tests done? Maybe on this site even?

    You are very niave for a Pro-Grower IMO
  10. Pix or it didn't Happen
  11. who ever said i was a pro grower?

    I have quite clearly mentioned that i'm a novice - i just like to read a lot - i dont belive everything i read but 99.99% of info i have seen says plants enjoy 400nm light - - 50 years of reserch on photosynthesis - backs me up on this - the average black lights produces a lot of 400nm light

    With this in mind - can there be any debate as to there benefit as a supplemental light?

    If you'd like to see my grow setup then keep following this thread and i'l show you the techniques i use - with a video post.

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