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Azo Standard

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by parker789, Apr 13, 2006.

  1. So I recently took my first drug test ever for a Harris Teeter job..i had smoke about three days before, and had been eating red meat to raise my creatine levels while trying to dilute my system. on top of that, the day of the drug test i followed the instructions on the bottle of zydot - ultimate blend detox i had bought. I'm still really nervous about this test, not the fact that someone would know i smoked, but just because i would not get hired for the job.

    In reading about more DT passing techniques, i read about an azo standard pill, made for cleansing women's bladder infections, that worked like a charm in ridding your system of toxins. If this really does work and someone has proof of this please let me know!! as for everyone else, how do you think i'd be doing on the lab test i just took? im still awaiting my results :(
  2. tell us how it goes cause im awaiting a drug test too, and im wondering if i should just do the azo standard thing...
  3. yo parker this is cameron i told u to do the niacin shit but im gonna go jack one of the azo packs today 4 fuckin 20!

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