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Azo cranberry and drug test

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by bud luver, Apr 15, 2010.

  1. how can these pills help me my friend had half a box left over cause he was tested and told me to take them beacuse im getting tested next week ive been plainng ahead for this so i havenet smoke in 2 weeks
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  3. I didnt check that site posted...

    but ive heard mixed results with Azo, just like everything else! Gold Leaf... Pickle Juice... Niacin, everything.

    No offense but are you skinny or bigger? if you are skinny and havent smoked for 2 weeks, you should be clean, or very close to it. If your bigger theres a couple routes to take

  4. im pretty fat lol
  5. Water and excersize are the best ways to get clean.

    Sweat that THC out.
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  6. I wouldn't use this stuff for a drug test.
    I take the Azo stuff when I'm on antibiotics so I don't get yeast infections... (b/c antibiotics kill all bacteria, even the good kind, hence, increased risk of yeast infections).... so I most likely wouldn't bother with it for drug tests...
  7. Well since your bigger... I'd either

    1. Start sweating, working out, walking a lot, and drink a lot of liquids. Fuck it take those Azo pills while your at it, but dont use that as your only answer

    2. Eat fatty ass foods! Its not healthy, but from what ive read, THC's stored in fat, so if you eat fatty foods and dont smoke, you will cover up the THC fat, but I dont know how accurate that is, nobody has denied it yet tho

    3. Synthetic Urine. as cheap as $20. blam.

    Hope this helps
  8. Sorry but has nothing to do with THC is fat cells...

    Cranberry is supposed to clean your system out...
  9. I have no idea why you're quoting my message in your reply. All I said was using something like AZO products (which are meant for yeast infections and urinary tract infections), was a bad idea.

    If someone claims to have passed a drug test after using the AZO Cranberry, chances are they were clean to begin with - this stuff is not going to clear the THC out of your system
  10. ^^There ya go, thats a little more clear and on point. Maybe im just fuzzy today

    Im with ya, I dont think they will magically clear him out...

  11. Truth, had a friend fail. AZO is for urinary tract infection, meaning it cleans out your urinary tract, not your actual urine. There is no substitute for good ole' time, water, and sweat.
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  12. ok well im on creatine for weight lifing so i will bump up dosage so i can drink more water and it wont come up as dilution
  13. Yea stay on that creatine, because the more water you drink the more your creatine levels will drop and in some cases they will pick that up as diluted urine. just make sure you stop burnin. Good luck
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  14. I don't think you can sweat out marijuana... :smoke: im so high
  15. go to gnc or head shop and buy a cleanse drink, and drink it
  16. In my opinion, there is no perfect science to passing a drug test with azo cranberry. But in speaking from personal experience, I can say that the less you smoke, the longer amount of days you have before the test, and the more water you drink and the more azo's you take are all factors that will all work in favor for you. For example, if you take 2-3 big hits of a blunt or joint, bong or bowl etc., then drink 3 normal size bottles of water a day, and take 4 azo's each day for one week before the drug test, my guess is that you'll probably pass. I did this for probation and so did my cousin and it worked like a charm. And it also worked for me on a drug test that got sent out to a lab. No BS. Good luck!
  17. Just need to know if I'm doing this right when I went to the bathroom my urine was not dark and I took a test it said preliminary what's that
  19. I can tell you from personal experience I have taken azos and have passed drug test for the state for a state job ...keep in mind it will hurt but yes you can pass it. If you want the job ect... this is an effective way and does work .
  20. I have taken azos my self and have passed a piss test for the state so yes azos do work but be prepared to piss your life away in some cases it causes stomach ache but if you want to pass a piss test and you decide to take azos it does work just sweat it out and drink lots of water. Hope that helps.

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