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  1. Has anyone used Azatrol for there spider mite problem? I just picked some up at local grow store and the guy said it works great! I can either use as a spray or put it right in the tank

    how much should I use for a spray?
    how much should I put in the res?

    yes I know not to do both but what way would work the best?

    does it really work as good as he says?
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    Foxfarm's "Don't Bug Me" pesticide spray has worked wonders for me when things got out of hand, used in conjunction with Azatrol. The Foxfarm stuff comes ready-to-use, and it's actually pretty cheap. Found mine locally for about 10-12 bucks. It kills pretty much everything, pretty much instantly.

    Azatrol is expensive, but worth every penny IMO. For bad infestations I mix @ about 1 tbsp/gallon - then lighten up to about 1 tsp/gallon as things come under control. Azatrol is not an instant killer, but it keeps the bugs from eating or reproducing on treated plants, and prevents them from growing or maturing. Unlike other things I've tried (Safer brand insecticides), bugs can't seem to develop a resistance to Azatrol. You can also treat your soil with Azatrol to keep root-eating bugs at bay.

    If you're low on money, dish soap & water works as a quick-fix... but it won't provide the longer-term protection that Azatrol does, and it can be easy to overdo it on the soap and harm your plants. I definitely wouldn't water my plants with dish soap, either.

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