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  1. arizona sucks right now you can get fucked for .2. the arizona cardinals just donated 10k to not making it medical:(, does anyone know the prop number for this in arizona and know if the voting has occured, as i have just turned 18 a few months ago and never really payed attention to that stuff
  2. You still have time to register and the Vote is not till 2 Nov.
    The prop is 203.
    Register online;
    Register to Vote
    Request an early ballot. This can also be done online through your County Recorder's Office. :hello:
  3. :devious: Fuck arizona, the state is full of backwards ass ignorant idiots and assholes. My advice is to leave the state and dont look back. When I lived there the beast was busting people for one seed. There was a constant theme "Do drugs do time" what a shithole !

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