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  1. Holdin' it down for H-town. :bongin:
  2. Hello! :]

    Welcome to the city. You have waaaaay more posts then me and completely just destroyed me in a debate.

    Want to be friends? XD
  3. Hahahaha, I've been here for awhile, thought I'd make a thread for the efff of it. Sure, we can be friends, just bring the bud. :smoke:
  4. come over here to WI and ill smoke u out for free!

    I just picked up an OZ of the dankest of the dank for 375

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  5. Mmmmmmm, looks dank man. I'm down. :smoke:
    I'll have to show you them TX buds sometime, it'll blow your lid off!
  6. shit if your around austin some time which most people that need drugs go there haha and well blow all day

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