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Ayo Connecticut (big pix, sorry)

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by sykebtmi, Aug 13, 2007.

  1. What's up?

    I'm from New Milford, CT, seeing who else reps the Nutmeg state.

    Here are my two pieces, the bowl I've had for a few months now, it's real thick and hits well.

    The bubbler I bought on August 3rd in NYC, smoked out of it twice, and as I went to put it away after I took the initial pix, it fell over sideways on my desk and the neck snapped off. Oh well, that's what you get for a 30 dollar bub. I snapped a pic of the aftermath, as well.

    The weed isn't too great, but was 10 dollars a G.......the kid called it "Mango Pena" but I think it's pretty bullshit.

    Here's pics:


    the neck on the bubbler snapped pretty clean and it's not jagged, I think I might be able to superglue it back together? Any advice on that?

  2. yo nice pics of the peice man sorry to hear about it breaking but im sure you can fix it :). im not from conn im from ny but anyway nice stuff.
  3. My pops owns a business in Milford, but i live on Long Island.
  4. i REALLY like the bowl for real. sucks about the cool lil' bubbler. would it be possible to use a blowtorch or something on it to re-attach the mouth-piece?
  5. nice looking pieces, sorry about the bub. i'm from ct as well.
  6. how much did that spoon run ya?
    id like to get one like that its uber nice
  7. Bowl was 25 bucks from a gas station!

    has been dropped a few times on hard surfaces, not even a scratch
  8. aw man, I'm sorry to hear about your bubbler. Looked kickass.
  9. im front ct hartford area :D reppin the 860
  10. I did the exact same thing to my bub. Krazy glue dude. Bonds that shit back together in like 10 seconds. Can't even tell mine broke
  11. im all over the state
  12. I live right next to Milford in good old Orange.
  13. ....Is that a fake mustache near the guitar pick and old socks?

    Sorry about the bubbler, didn't look half bad. You have a nice stash, and +rep in memory of your old bubbler.
  14. New Haven right here
    I like your pieces
  15. You need to tell me where you got that bumper sticker;)
  16. Answers to above questions:

    It is in fact a fake mustache in the pic. Don't really remember how I got it.

    Bumper sticker is actually a magnet, and was a buck at a Spencers in a nearby mall.
  17. ay man if u break the rest off that bubbler so its jsut the bowl and the little water chamber thing, you can make a nice piece. Just get a long tube from like a stomp rocket or anything else with a tube, and gorilla glue it to the bowl. it hits so smooth
  18. nice avatar man.

    Funeralopolis is one of my favorite songs :metal: :D
  19. i was gonna get that magnet for my car but i figured that would just make me get pulled over even more then i do now might look nice on my mini fridge though
  20. East Lyme here

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