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axe cans

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by dr dre, Aug 24, 2008.

  1. i used to have a stash can that i made out of one of the old axe cans but now they dont make those anymore. is there a way to make one out of the new can and can you give me directions and shit?
  2. What? The only ones I have seen are the small ones and the bigger ones with the twist top. Are you talking about those?
  3. Bandsaw, epoxy foam, a glass jar and you can make a stash tin out of just about anything.

  4. yeah the new ones are the ones with the twist top. on the old ones you could just pop the lid off and cut part of the can off, then you could put the lid back on perfectly. but the new ones break if you try to get the plastic part off
  5. pics of the old ones/explanation?
  6. i did it with the new twist top was easy.
  7. You can pop the plastic part off the same as the other sliding button ones, it just doesn't go back on as easily, and the button jams, which looks suspicious. I have gotten it back on with the button still working, but it takes a couple tries.

    You can still do it.
  8. He's right. You can still use the lid. It's not hard to get off. Just keep twisting left and pull.
  9. Look at the guide in my sig. That's how to make a secret axe can nug bottle.

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