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  1. This girl has a really big crush on me, like ridiculously big. She thinks I'm perfect. I'm already talking to the girl of my dreams really, but this other one is just too cute to break her heart. How would I even let her down as gently as possible, she seems as fragile as a bubble

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  2. Explain that situation to her? Sounds like you like someone else and want to try your chances with them. If she's wise she'll realize she'll have an opportunity to decide if she likes you enough to wait until you are single or an opportunity to find her next crush. Often, though, we get down by life but have to look at it positively. Make sure to see how she takes it, some may feel hurt then try to reassure them. IMHO, It's best to be patient with other's feelings and not burn any bridges.
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  3. Just be a fucking pimp and wheel both these bitches
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  4. Say youre in a relationship?
  5. Play them both? Let the one who "loves" you ride you silly while the other one licks your balls?:confused_2:

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