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aww man Sage scored some kill!!

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by S.F. Sage, May 27, 2009.

  1. got me an ounce for $280 of this, for my medical reasons :smoking:!!!

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  2. Looks tasty , enjoy !
  3. yeah your medical reasons are sure to be straight for the next week looks like :hello:

    greeeeeeeat price btw, ounce of shit like that prolly cost me 320-350 here.
  4. your right maybe even longer this stuff is pretty potent i'm dumb ass high
    that sucks that you gotta pay that much. one of the reason I live in the bay lol
  5. That'd cost the equivalent of $300 - 310 where I am :-( hehe
  6. dam thats some chronnnic good pick up man
  7. I wish I could smoke a bowl of this with everyone on here its so tasty
  8. Looks bomby :) haha, that'd oz would cost me around 240, cali lovin :smoking:
  9. Looks sooooooooo good. I'm jealous :(

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