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Discussion in 'General' started by fullbeardstoner, May 7, 2011.

  1. Should of brought my bud. Drove from h town to h town and forgot some popcorn at home. Can't believe it. They have all this space out here. They can't even tell Im on it. Smh.

    Any similar stories?
  2. Reminds me of the last time I tried crack
  3. Crack is a hell of a drug. I pray I don't fall into that trap. I know people
  4. Wouldn't it be easier to just not do crack than pray you don't?
  5. I prefer to keep a constant crack high going...makes life hella interesting :eek:
  6. wow. i pray because its easy to fall into it.
  7. not if you dont do it....what aspect of a crack life looks appealing to you : |
  8. More then half my pay check goes towards crack, hmmmm i love that feeling of nice crack in the morning. BRB time to hit my soda can.
  9. Yeah show some backbone you dont have to do it even if its there and someone is offering. They would probably be happy, more crack for them :hello:
  10. You drove to the same place?
  11. *hick town
    it happens

    luckily since the warm weather hit, the dreads are comin out the woodwork
    this place is looking more and more like cali

    i saw people making out on a roof yesterday
    and a bunch of barefoot hippies covered in dirt selling veggies

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