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  1. hey guys im new to GC and growing but i was walking around my local walmart and found this gem
    [​IMG]it even has a lock yaY or Nay!!
  2. also i was thinkin i could bracket the doors together and have them slide to gether

    or sumthing im aiming for a single or two plant scrog paint white inside
    or mylar who Knows and as for lights and venting im open to suggestioins
  3. accualy ive bee[​IMG]n recarching and i think i wanna make this box somwhere based on this with a few tweaks like more light a inline fan and a scrubber u get it
  4. I find cabinets or things like that better because the backing is usually no more than thin particle board that can easily be cut into for ventilation and such. But good luck on you project. I have many times considered a cabinet grow like that. You can see my box in the link in my sig.
  5. thanks for the reply i was thinkin maybe i could use t5s for lighting or sumthink IDK ill have to research more
  6. lol i love that it has a lock already whats "whats in the box my friend asks" "oh nothing just important files and such":hello:

  7. ... and why is it plugged in you ask? To power the fans you see and hear, and the lights you see pouring out of it. lol.

  8. The things people will do tor preserve their important files.... "those must be some very important files!!"
  9. lol i didnt think about the fin fan /chainsaw noise 'files StfU'
  10. i think this should be a succsessful grow i meen ive seen good grows with a fkin pc grow box which isnt a bad thing that was my first option but at 300$ (cheapest ive seen) i figured i could build a better grow box +save sum weed muny!!(also i dont even have a real pc what would i say to my house guiest just a pluged in computer no moniter not desk idk its just weird0
  11. also this would be more steath i think cuz i can put my tv or sumthing on top and the its like "oh a normel table " i plan on working out the kinks like light leaks and loud fans but we wont know till i build it ...Also would yall recoment i do for lighting i was thinkin t5s or curly c fls or what evers best let meh no and :confused:
  12. The greatest thing to stealthing the sound of fans in your box is to have a tabletop fan on top of your box. It's normal, it does a super job of explaining the fan sounds.
  13. lol r u serious
    dats the best thing ive ever herd
  14. thnx alot 4 the idea but what if i want a inline fan i herd there Monster loud cuz i kind of wanted a scrubber aswell

  15. Yeah exactly the fan noise is easy to drown out with another fan.

  16. You don't need an inline fan for a cabinet that small.
  17. lol im stoked to start this project also i hate to sound newbesh but what kind of lights would you recoomend a specific product would be nice
  18. i had just said that cuz i had herd that cpu fans didnt push enough air to run a carbon scrubber i meen wouldnt it deat the perpose of a steath grow if all you smell throught the intire apt
  19. hey dude not getting at ya lol but have you done any research/reading as you could answer many of your Q's with only an hour or 2 of reading as well as educate your self on growing MJ basics etc,

    reading the stickys would give you all the info you would need to make YOUR choises that suit your needs, such as what types of light & what fans for those lights & so on

    have you read any of these? this is where most of us started

    for lighting info

    theres a whole section on grow room/box etc designs, perfect for copying & ideas etc
    Grow Room Design/Setup - Forums

    these are more for the growing stage
  20. ya ive done research and i thought i knew enougth but its not until i relly started planning my grow that i realized id come to the wise men /women of GC

    for help. anyway thanks for the links ill read up and ill keep yall posted if any1 cares as my box comes along and potentially a grow journel :cool:until nxt time

    Rollthesweet xX

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