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  1. So i turned 21 on the 8th. Ben able to hold this job for almost 2 months now. Life is good. Aside from the wreck, but eh, shit happens.

    Had a small resin bowl, well it can't be called a bowl. Since i only had a few small particles of resin, but enough to get me a small head rush. AND on top of that I'm on my 4 beer in half an hour. Soooo I'm feeling good now.

    But absurdities aside, I love you guys/gals. I feel i got more friends i can tell serious stuff to about on here then in RLF. And on top of guys let some serious shit out on here too.

    We're a family. The GC Family. I do my best to keep it real, you all ( I hope) keep it real too.

    I love you all. Even those i have had disputes with in the past.

    Keep doing what you do, you got a family right here.

    When times are low, and your not sure to turn to, look towards that groups of strangers you've gotten close with. They won't try to fuck you over.

    And that's all i got. I'm in a happy mood, and felt I should say I'm thankful for GC. Said some stuff i wouldn't normally say in real life, and I wasn't ridiculed for it.

    Keep it Real Grass City. I'll do my best to do so as well.
  2. Feelings mutual my friend i love the city and the blades that make it what it is. Much love GC!! :smoke:

    If anyone wants to read my tribute to GC it's in my visitor messages.
  3. :gc_rocks:

    hell yea! GC rules! and congrats on turning the big 21! although i can tell you, you will NOT look forward to another birthday as long as you live!:eek:

    but besides that...drink it up bro!

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