awkward situation - did i do the right thing?

Discussion in 'General' started by waterhurley, May 1, 2006.

  1. well friday night i decide to go hang out with some freinds who i know like to party. well before we go to the party we grab all the cans we can find. we end up finding 29 bucks in cans. so my buddy (who was driving his dads truck) calls someone up and asks for a 20 bag. i was the only one who had bud on him so i figured he was picking a 20 up to pay me back since we smoked like 3 bowls of my stash. well after all is said and done we wind up in this sketchy ghetto neighborhood. houses with no doors, people shootin up in the doorways, babies crying...

    well we find out that my buddy's brother had bought a keg and we could tap it for free (charging 2 bucks a cup to others). well this was a woods party way up in the woods. so we had to blaze down a trail to get to the spot. well we see the fire and a couple cars and he pulls over, shuts off the car and the lights and said "ok anyone wanna blast?" so im like "sure". he then breaks out a bag of yayo and starts crushing it up.

    now ive done yay before. i dont like what it does to me and i know i could get hooked wicked easy. so i turn around and say "wait nvm i thought u mean something different. im straight" but watching him crush it up and break it into ines made me think. is this were your life goes? i mean i dont know. it got a bit awkward for me. but we go up to the party (my buddy high on coke) and me high on reef, we start drinking. i mean i still had a good time but it was so weird for me at first.

    now i sit back and think maybe i should have done a little line since ive been smoking him up and that was sort of his payback. it was good shit too. i rubbed a bit on my gums and they went instantly numb.

    also they took some and dabbed a bit to the end of their cigs... wtf does this do?
  2. when they put it on the end of the cigar, it's really just to numb there mouth, people do it with parliaments (cigs).
  3. Anytime i have ever done coke and i was gonna be around people that where not gonna be to acceptive of it, I kept it kinda hidden. He shouldnt have even told you about it. YOu were in the fucking woods, he could have done it anywhere

    He shouldnT BE SHARing a 20 bag anyway, thats barely enough for 1.

  4. You never smoked coke before? It's just a different way of getting it in your system. When I was doing coke (thank gawd I don't do that shit anymore!), I usually always snorted it... it's quick, easy, and straight to the brain. But then there were a few times that I or a friend would sprinkle some on a packed bowl or sprinkle some on weed that we were rolling into a joint. I don't really care for it that way because of the chemical taste, but it did sort of bring on a short-lived rush. No matter how I did my coke, though, it just wasn't worth the money I forked out for it. :cool:

  5. .4g's to be exact. he did a bit under half the bag and he gave a small line to the other kid that was with us. the rest (not the .2g's but what was left on the plate) they dabed on their cigs and rubbed on their gums and shit.
  6. chrons over yays any days :hello: good choice bro
  7. Yeah man, you did the right thing. Don't ever feel pressured to do any hardcore drug, if your interested do some research first and learn all of the side effects and what not. I myself have never done coke and don't plan to, do what you feel comfortable with. Nothing beats mary-jane.
  8. ive done coke before... but i know if i do it again im hooked for good...

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