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Awkward Moments

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Blazedog, Jul 31, 2010.

  1. Alright so I have more recently gotten into the herb and being high could be very confusing to me. Currently I feel a lot better adapted to it and capable of completely understanding what is going on. What do I do then when people I am smoking say stupid or weird shit. For instance at our last session here was one of my favorite quotes "I have a boner" like the dude just whispered it to another one in the circle.... wtf. Or also when a couple guys I smoke with start making weird comments about this girl we chill with like referencing how she smells and how it lingers and crap.... These things simply detract from my high and I have no idea how to react to them. Opinions please.
  2. HA

    Get new friends
  3. It's one thing to get all goofy but completely different to get weird.
  4. I'm so glad I have chill friends.
  5. Well

    Thats fucked up

    my friends would never say that o_O

    Are you sure you're hanging out with normal people? lol
  6. i would look for some new smoking buddies. but untill then your gonna have to put up with the wierd people :/
  7. Every time someone says somthing weird like "Dude your ass is totally awesome" or whatever the hell they say, just bitch slap them as hard as possible. Its the only way to react to a situation such as this
  8. Hahahahahahahahaha.
  9. Yeah, it doesn't sound like your friends are entirely normal.

  10. Who does that? That's fucking weird.
  11. are your friends and you new to pot, it sounds like it.. thus which is why someone would speculate at having an erection. I say-- fuckem youve entered a new state of highness which they are not at yet.. find new ones or stop bitching about the ones you got.

    ya digggg ;)
  12. I appreciate everyones respones. So do you guys think there is even any way that this could be excused or is it just plain weird?
  13. Nope. They have no excuse.

    This isn't crack bro!
  14. Dude, sometimes people just get too blazed to know any better. Happens to me sometimes, but the people i smoke with are totally chill when not high, they just can't handle their shit sometimes. Also, do what above poster said about creepy comments made to you, just bitch-slap them, at first its kind of intense, but then they usually realize what they did.:D How are your friends when not high?
  15. OP

    What's this girl smell like? Fish. Cuz if so your fucking homies are just looking out ya know?
  16. Tell them to shut the fuck up? easiest solution.

  17. This.
  18. The joke about how the chicks scent lingers sounds like something some of my buddies and eye might have joked about in high school, not to stupid, although the whole boner thing seems a bit much. Don't think your friends are to weird, maybe just a little odd, and high. In the immortal words of Stan Marsh, "Look I'm startin' to feel kind of stupid; can I please get high? "
  19. I agree man, though the boner comment could be funny depending on situation and the character of the person saying it.

    Seems like you would know this situation better than anyone ;)
  20. Does she actually stink?

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