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Awkward moments caused by weed

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by JoJoShabadoo, Dec 12, 2011.

  1. Funny story time! Let's talk about awkward moments that happened with sober people thanks to the powers of the herb. Here's some of mine that happened recently...

    -I was waiting for the elevator in my apartment building to go down to the lobby while listening to music. I faintly heard a door close behind me and I heard a voice (sounded like a simple hello) and I looked around behind me to my left, then to my right, then I moved my eyes down and slightly lowered my eyebrows when I saw a little person (a new tenant I've yet to meet) but just my reaction to seeing her... I didn't do a good job of hiding my surprise hahaha. I then said like "hello, how are you" with an awkward smile and put the headphones back on, and didn't say anything after that.

    -I was at a store with about 4 people behind me in line buying two 1-liter bottles of beer. I told the cashier when she took out a bag "It's fine I have a backpack. As I put in the 2nd bottle, it slid off a notebook I had in there and fell to the floor and shattered. I was caught by surprise and didn't really react properly or know what to say, I just stared at the bottle with my mouth open hahaha. The worst part is that I watched the bottle fall. I literally had 3 seconds to react and I didn't do shit as I saw it about to drop to the floor.

    -I was playing ping pong with a friend at a public place. I was totally in the zone and all of a sudden someone elses ball bounced on the table in front of me. For whatever reason I tried to play it off all cool and threw it to the other person without looking in time to hit my ball back to my opponent, and I was way off and the ball ended up landing in the dudes glass of beer hahah. I was like "ohhhhhh shit" (and lost the point) but he was cool, shrugged it off and said "hey man this ain't beer pong"

    -I showed up like 1 hour late at a party that was held in some nice ass 5 star hotel, and I first went down some stairs outside that went down (I convinced myself that was where the music was coming from), and I heard someone whistle and say hey! I then looked up and saw it was a security guard, he asked if I was here for the party and he said "you gotta go through the door" so I said "ohhh okay" and went through the hotel lobby front door, and he said "no not that one! the one that leads to the salon!" and he pointed to it, and I said "ooohhh right right" and I walked up to a big dark glass plate door and expected it to open, and just stood right in front of it. The security guard and the guy he was talking to kind of laughed and said "that's the window, the door is on the other side" and I was like :eek: damn I'm high (In my defense, it was nighttime haha)

    I have so many more moments but I don't want to type anymore. Your turn grasscity!
  2. I was at a friends house playing poker with like 6 others and we were just smokin blunts and sippin on some drinks. Well I didn't know it was my turn, and when I went to put my drink down I just did it really really really carefully and really slowly. I thought I was being completely normal but when I finally put the drink down everyone was just staring at me and yelling (lets say my name is jim) "Jim! Jim! Fuckin bet or fold!"

    I was just so zoned out I ignored everyone lol.

  3. Hahahaha something similar happened to me once when playing poker with friends. I didn't realize what they were doing at first; they were clearing the table (to put a tablecloth because they were bringing out food and drinks) and then only my chips and cards were on the table, and I finally realized everyone was looking at me holding stacks of chips hahaha. (Then to make matters worse the chips fell out of my hand and scattered around the floor hahaha)
  4. haha I love those moments where I just space out and have no clue about whats going on.

    I like to hustle kids in pool when I'm at parties, I don't actually take their money I just humiliate them cause I can usually win in a few turns. My one rule is that if you want to play me you have to challenge me before I go out and smoke. Right after I smoke I will try to play pool and I will get down to the 8 ball and I will never get it in. I just mess up every damn shot lol.
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    I was riding my skateboard and locked eyes with this nice looking chick on campus then I crashed into a wall.
  6. When i was in high school i was going to a football game. I parked in a parking lot across the street and was at a cross walk and two bitches came over and were like hey arent you cabe? and i'm like yeah. and they're like dont you go to so and so school, why are you here? and i was so baked i had no idea why i had come to this schools game. all i could do was pause and say i have no idea and walk off. once i sobered up i realized how fucking awkward it was
  7. I wanted to ring my friend and see where he was at but I accidently rang my dealer instead. I was asking where he was at and stuff then realised i got the wrong number when my dealer kept repeating "Mate what you after?". I then quickly said sorry i got the wrong number and hung up haha. Theres also been manier times when im trying to buy something from a store and i just cant count my money very well or stop laughing. :smoke:
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    Hot sauce + jelly + stoned =
  9. Looking incredibly baked head all up in the skys while waiting to cross a street. Car notices me as I notice them, they stare at me while trying to make their left turn, they ended up hitting the median and losing a hub cap haha.
  10. Last night it was me, a girl, and an asian guy. We all smoked and without thinking at all I told the asian kid his eyes were really *****. Shit got awkward real quick then we kept smoking and laughed our asses off.
  11. I went to a chinese buffet and a teenage asian girl had on the same hoodie as me. None of my friends noticed but when I went to pay me and her mother laughed about it. She said something in her native language but I just smiled and awkwardly paid.
  12. I was riding with my mom one day stoned and we met a newer model truck with an aftermarket grille. I got really excited and said "Holy shit, doesnt that truck look like its smiling?!" I got some really weird looks
  13. Leaving Safeway and a lady asks her daughter to throw out her Starbucks cup. I mistakenly thought she was talking to me and turned around, grabbed her garbage, and threw it out for her.

  14. I did that JUST today, which is odd for me, since I always avoid any contact with people. (If someone talks to me, I run off).

    Looks like the marijuana is helping with my anxiety. Heh.
  15. Today at work at our restaurant me and a co-worker were high as fuck. So we're doing our thing and we randomly started talking about the army. And you know those moments where two high people just look at each other and smirk? You see the other person has red glossy eyes and a grin and you can't help but grin back which ultimately leads to both of you guys cracking up over nothing.

    So we're talking about the army and the guy's like "Did you know that the army pays you for being in the army, man?" For some reason I just started laughing hysterically, while trying to get out the words "That's so cool, man...". Needless to say, the customers at the restaurant were looking at us like, WTF? Two idiot waiters are laughing their asses off about the army and not serving us food.

    I dunno, kinda felt like an awkward 70s show circle moment.
  16. Haha. I have this Japanese friend that smokes weed. He just got done hot boxing a huge joint and a cop pulled up behind him. The cop takes his ID and registration and when he came back, he said "You know your eyes look pretty sqinty, have you been smoking weed?" My friend replied back with, "Well, officer, I don't know if you noticed or not but I'M JAPANESE!! Now give me back my license and leave me alone. I'm not going to sit here and put up with a racist."

    The cop stammered for a bit and after giving back the license he quickly walked back to his car and left.

  17. Your friend is a winner.
  18. being super blazed in the subway is the shit, I was in the front car and I was just staring out the window into the dark, forgot to get off. People give you the wierdest looks when your baked xD

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