Awkward first time questions?

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  1. Was anyone/everyone's first sexual encounter as awkward and fumbled as mine?
    I have heard that most peoples first time are... just wondering from the horses mouth.

    I actually froze up on attempt number one. Luckily, I made a comeback the same night(awweee yeeahhh haha) thankfully I can laugh about it now.

    If that is true, how did your second encounter go if with the same person)? and to take it a step farther, how was your first time with your next partner?

    I am on partner number two. Our first time together was not nearly as awkward as my first but I was still considerably nervous.

    I should also note here that after my first time with both partners, I am incredibly comfortable with the person, on all levels.

    If anyone here has, when did you become completely confident sexually? and if you are, does that mean you have an endless supply of partners when you want?

    I think human sexuality is very peculiar and I love to hear how other peoples minds work.

  2. My absolute first was the only time with the girl. We just didn't click in any other way. It was fun, we both had a great time and even went on some dates after, just no sex. That girl could suck a basketball through 10 miles of garden hose in the matter of seconds. But I really didn't care for her green mohawk and the fact that she has some SERIOUS issues. But I felt confident that first time. I've always been confident when it comes to sex. I know what I want and how I want it.

    My second partner was a complete failure the first time because she was a virgin and it was painful for her. The second and many times after that though were damn good.
  3. I guess it is just you and me, Interceptor... Granted, the title is a little wonky and mis-worded.

    Thanks for your input. Do you mind if I ask how old you were for your first? either way, I am impressed by your composure.
  4. my first time was super super awkward cus we didnt know what we were dying and it hurt really bad to get it in and he was no help at all
    and i think when i started to get hot and got cruves and a butt i got more confident sexually :D
  5. My absolute first sex encounter was... with a hooker.

    The second was... hm... with a college girlfriend.

    I sneaked into her house and we had sex in her bed in absolute silence in fear of being heard because her bedroom was right next to her parent's bedroom...

    I remember the two of us giggling and creeping up the wooden stairs which made a lot of squeeky noises... and I thought,

    "How can they NOT hear this??"
  6. Hello friend

    also what if they knew what was going on and they let it happen?

    my first time was fucking horrible halfway through the girl started crying because it was her first time as well....
  7. My first time was when I was 15. A long, long time ago....LOL!
  8. everyone's first time is probably a little awkward..

    good thing's over quick :)

  9. How was that whole hooker thing? Do you regret it? I've been considering that. There's a few girls that come into the gas station that I work at that do that kind of work. A couple of them are really nice. One of them bitched me out for not believing in god once. I found that kind of funny.
  10. I'm not trying to toot my own horn but honestly I never really had very much of an awkward first time. I've always been pretty comfortable about sex but I usually don't have more than one partner at a time and right now I'm very happy with the one I have. Me and my girlfriend have lots of great sex and I don't see that stopping anytime soon.
  11. My girlfriend said her daddy had a gun, and when she was a little girl, she often heard him say if anyone put a hand on her, he'll put a bullet through his brain.


    You were having religious conversation with a hooker?

    You are truely a saint!


    The hooker thing... my first time... how was it?

    It was terrible man... but I was in a very different situation as yours, and it sounds like you would like the experience much better than I did.

    How old is she? The cute hooker that you mentioned?

    Mine was mid-20's... She was in a sort of a 'brothel'. The cheapest one there is...
  12. I was smooth as hell, she had no clue it was my first time until I told her years later. :cool:

  13. Haha, not really. I was raised catholic, and trust me, I'm far from a saint. It was around that last OMG the world is going to end rapture shit. God came up and I made a remark about how I didn't believe in any of that. She threw a mini fit about how I had to believe in god and how lonely it must be not believing in him.

    Uhm, like I said there are several, and I'm not sure any of them know I know what they do. The one I talked about above is in her late 20's to mid 30's. I wouldn't consider her though. The age isn't a problem, I'm attracted to women older than her. She's just really weird, and the whole god thing didn't help.

    The rest of them are early to mid 20's. One of them has a pretty decent website where she's all like your fantasy is my desire and shit. I guess I've been holding out for my fantasy. Which is basically to have a girl that finds me attractive just come along and take that shit(my virginity).

    I'm not sure I'm ready to pay for it though. No offense, but I kind of feel like paying for your first time is really lame. I'm not sure I'm ready to be that lame.

    I hope this shit made sense. I'm slightly cross faded at the moment.
  14. None taken man.

    And paying for sex IS lame. Especially if it's your first time.

    It's actually a torture. I really didn't enjoy it at all.

    I was putting myself under an extreme test.

    To see if I could 'buy' a person. To see if I was 'evil' enough to involve myself in the human flesh trade.

    It turned that I was evil enough to buy myself a pussy, but not evil enough to enjoy it.
  15. you stick your dick inside her pussy ass or unless your blind its not hard haha. however the steps leading up to the pussy is awkward in some scenarios.
  16. Mine was fucking awful.

    I was a virgin, so when he entered me I yelped in pain. He immediately went soft :(
  17. My first time was horrible at first! I keep either elbowing him in the head (which i nearly knocked him out) or falling off the bed. It was crazy and kinda dangerous lol. I was really nervous and awkward, but it got better once I relaxed.
  18. I lost my errection about 5 minutes in, it neveer came back. Also caught and STD from that bitch. So I guess my ffirst time was horrible, not so much awkward. If you want to know the details of me loosing my virginity, I have thread with the story in it. Good luck finding it.
  19. not gonna lie, we lasted from 9 to 3/4 in the morning.

    sparks flyyyyeeyy 8)

    probably had something to do with he was a police in army,
    then i went on to start masteratarms in the navy,

    you can see how much he meant to me. lol.
  20. I really feel sorry for people who had a shit first time, my first time was fucking great.
    It's not that hard :smoke:

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