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Awkward experience with dealer yesterday, should I try and hit him up again?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by CheapBastard, Aug 7, 2011.

  1. what's up guys.

    I was pretty tight with this one dealer a few months ago. we were classmates, and I bought from him literally almost every week. once the semester ended, we didn't see each other as much, but I still bought from him occasionally.

    Well, it had been about 2 months since I bought from him, so yesterday I texted him and asked if I could swing by wherever he was to get a pick up. He said sure, let me know where he was staying, and told me to text him when I was nearby and he'd come outside and get in my car.

    So, when I get down to that area, I text him, wait a few minutes, and get no response. I send him another text message, and look in my sent folder and see that the second one didn't deliver, so I call him.... his phone is off. I wait 5 minutes and send him one last text. A few minutes later, I check the sent folder, and see that his phone is back on because all the texts send. I wait another 5 mintues to see if he'll respond, and he doesn't.

    So I go home. I guess an hour or two later, I texted him just like "Hey man, what happened earlier, lol", like I wasn't pissed, just curious. He didn't respond to that either.

    Idk what happened or if it'd be weird to try and hit him up again, I don't know if I was bothering him or something, in the past he was always mad cool about hooking me up. It sucks because I have literally NO ONE else to buy from... :confused:
  2. I texted him again, I feel like I'm bugging him

    It's just weird, he like completely ignored me right when I was supposed to meet him. I just texted him saying:

    "Yo, i'm not trying to bug you but I was wondering if you could let me know if you could still hook me up, if not can you get me someone's number? thanks man".
  3. You need to change your approach, ring him and ask him for weed, casually mention that you're now in the mafia, always wear a suit when you go to meet him, he will probably feel intimidated and not mess you around again
  4. Idk, that does seem sketchy. But anyway, dont text him again and just wait for a reply. If you dont get one in the next couple of days, try to call him. Im sure there is a good reason why he didnt reply since you said you were a regular customer.
  5. Keep your eyes crossed the next time you go pick up from him and be like "man.. I was counting on that weed to help my eye problem, I've been looking crooked for weeks"
  6. Always have backup, or 5-6...

  7. hahahah that shit made me crack up :p
  8. Your dealer's parents have his phone.. Beware good sir/madam. :eek:
  9. Just try in a couple days man, he could have broken his phone or something.
  10. Hes probly on a 4 day heroin binge... No biggie
  11. After the second text he was probably like "I wish I never met this guy in high school he's annoying as shit!"

    Or he's probably paranoid because you keep bugging him making him thinking your an undercover or something
  12. Fuck knows what he's doing.
    There are SO many possibilities, I'd leave it a while and call him in a week or so.

    He might be in some difficulties/phone broke/whateverthefuck
    Know what I mean?
    Don't stress man.
  13. I did my dealer like that. Wait a few days/weeks and try again.
  14. Don't text him 30 times for no reason.
    Next time you need weed, call him, if he doesn't answer, call again.
    If he still doesn't answer it's time to find a new dealer.
  15. #15 glazedKnuckles, Aug 7, 2011
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    I feel like you went about this in a pretty non-annoying way. Next time you pick up just be like my bad I didn't mean to blow up your phone.

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