Awkward Bathroom Moment (Slightly Gross)

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by MunchiesMan420, Feb 19, 2009.

  1. First of all, sorry if some of you think this is gross.

    So you know when you have diarrhea and sometimes when you go to the bathroom you dont do the deed mostly fart really loudly and make crude noises in general. Well this has happened to me a couple times, and it always ensues in embarrassing awkward moments.

    One of the times it happened i had some family up for the night, and they were all in the living room while i went to the bathroom, which is situated right next to the living room.

    I thought it would be all good going in there but the very first push i give the LOUDEST and wettest sounding fart imaginable just echoed throughout the bathroom and was followed by even more farts and squeaks. All my mom said was " Are you alright?" when i sat back down and the rest of my family just continued to stare at me.

    Well this week i was in my bathroom and it happened again, actually waking my mom up from a nap she was taking :eek:

    Just felt like sharing with the city
  2. ouch. can't say that I have had that happen. Must be embarassing haha.

    What you should do is walk out and say, did you guys hear all those geese in the bathroom?
  3. Damn, that must of sucked. It must of been pretty bad lol.
  4. What did you eat, Taco Bell?
  5. Dude I have situations like that every night. My bathroom is right near my living room too. I shit way more than a regular person anyways, and the fact I get high and eat so much everyday makes it even worse. At night I'm making a ton of noise in the bathroom and I know everyone hears it while watching t.v. in the living room. Sometimes I try to turn the faucet on cover the noise but I know that just makes them hear it even more because I know they know I'm trying to hide it.
  6. Haha that's pretty funny.
  7. nice story while eating brownies

  8. Ironically i actually did have tacos before waking my mom up haha

    And yes, both incidents were very embarrassing, nice to see this has happened to some other stoners :D
  9. Lay off the spicy food brah.
  10. I've done that before too, but I was at my friend's shitty apartment and I let out a huge rip in his bathroom, then all of a sudden I hear the neighbors next door cracking up. The walls were so thin you can hear everything.
  11. ^^ i get embarrassed when i fart, but this time i was at the urenals and this guy lifted up his knee and just belted the loudest mofucka fart i ever heard, just PFFFFFTTTTTTTTTTTT i was like DAM! i cant hold my nose because i am peein just str8 gaspin for air, who expects people to ripp while peeing right ??
  12. Freshman year in college, the bathrooms abutted the hallway walls...this happened all the time, you could be walkin down the hall and just hear people rippin away

    no taco bell, but college caf food is right up there
  13. hahahaha this thread is hilariouss ...but yeh it happens once in a while haha
  14. been there.
  15. My apt contains smells like a hazard suit.
    If the window isnt open, weather im cooking or have friends over who eat horrible food, its horrendous.
  16. When i know i have diarhea i will just go to the furthest bathroom away from everyone and do it.
  17. Haha, Hazard suit.....I get it.
  18. haha the same things happened to me only it was with one of my friends, not some random dude. still gross though
  19. lol that's pretty awkward. kinda like in elementary school i took a crap and there was no toilet paper in the entire bathroom so sat there for like almost 20 minutes embarrased as hell.
  20. Pretty hilarious story and I am sure it was quite awkward...but geez man why the fuck do you have chronic diarrhea? rofl

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