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Awesome things to look at when your stoned

Discussion in 'The Artist's Corner' started by Osama_bensmokin, Oct 12, 2009.

  1. post all your awesome things that you think are fun to look at when your high
    (no buzz kill pics)
  2. Check out Alex Gray. This is my fave by him, If I could some how get this in black and white and keep the appeal I would get it as a tattoo.
  3. awesome guys keep them coming
  4. nothing special... just photoshopped a bunch of my favorite album covers and it used to be my desktop

  5. sorry to bombard the thread, but these ones are cool too... Graffiti ftw
  6. Enjoyed this one very much
  7. I really enjoy that Dali painting with melting clocks and elephants with long legs
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    theres somthing about the look of subaru's, from a 96 impreza custome painted World Rally Blue with a non ricey bodkit, to a 99 2.5rs black on black with tinted windows and BBS STI rims painted gold (shadowed front+back lights and blinkers).or even a 2005 WRX. i love them all! not even gonna mention any engine work.
  9. :cool:

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  10. c'mon that collection of pics is sick haha :smoking:
  11. is that yours man??
  12. (click on the pics to make them bigger)

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  13. Cool car bro! ;)
  14. watch this one in the dark i just sunk into it


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