Awesome things to do while high?

Discussion in 'The Great Indoors' started by USMC4/20, Oct 30, 2014.

  1. Alright guys, I'm just wondering here whats your favorite thing / things to do while high?!?

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  2. I love cleaning, listening to music and going for walks.
  3. Music, sex, playing left for dead or nazi zombies

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  4. Watch Naruto,movies,clouds,your hood... :)
  5. Play some music (pinkfloyd,jimihendrix, or sublime) or watch Two and Half Men hahaha:D:D:D:D:D:D
  6. I made my own fried chicken while high yesterday, it was delicious :)

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  7. Go on a bike ride
  8. Salt water isolation chamber...
  9. I like watching cheesy horror movies.
    Specifically the first Texas Chainsaw Massacre.
  10. I watch movies. tonight I'm planing to watch 2 and a half men baked
  11. Takin showers lol...its like im in my own world
  12. Play poker with friends - just weed no beer, it's my fave stoned activity
    Cook stuff
  13. Go to the park with some fast food (whatever I'm craving at the time, usually taco bell or mickie d's) to chill with friends, listen to music and talk. Pretty sweet, especially on a warm sunny day, haha
  14. Listening to music and swimming!

    Keep toking!
  15. I thought I was the only one

    I'm not always high, but when I am… wait what? Oh yea, but when I am I forget what I'm doing then remember seconds later.
  16. Really, everything. I do everything lifted. I work, I play video games, I chill with friends, listen to music, sleep, workout, write, plan my life.

    Sometimes I just get couch lock and eat pints of ice cream and unlock achievements on Xbox live for watching x amount of Netflix episodes in a row......... Makes me feel great haha

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  17. Read fan fiction, masterbate, play xbox, dance as crazy as u want, build a fort, practice juggling, write a story, copy ur pets, do yoga or meditate, make a sock puppet, inv someone over, make a bird house outa popsicle sticks, eat food or make a food invention, prank call ppl u know an hang up, practice impersonations, color, play with playdoh, come up with weird exercises..I could go on forever lol
  18. Going for walks/bike ride or swimming either in pool or at the beach awesome while high!! Also fishing, cleaning, camping, rearranging bedroom and organising stuff haha.

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  19. Video games. Oh my god are they fun. That's what I'm doing right now lol. Walks are also very awesome 😂👍
  20. I like doing things whilst I'm getting high. For example, I'll roll a joint and go on a solo-walk around the neighbourhood, or I'll walk the dog through the woods. When I'm finished my joint I'll either return home and do housework or I'll let my dog off of his leash and let him piss on trees and just follow him around for a bit.

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