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Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by yellow bic, May 25, 2006.

  1. well i went to a pretty good party last night to celebrat eour first day of summer break :hello:

    anyways this kid caleb, traded a cheap ass car worth like 300 bux and got a pound of some swag, now this story isnt about this killer bud that i got to smoke or anything, but its more about how chill the party was and shit

    so i go over to calebs house and go chill in the basement, i walk in and there had to of been like 25 people there drinkin and smokin, caleb sold me a handful for ten bux so i could get in on the blunt action ha.

    so i get a handful which i later realize to be about 12grams lol i rolled a shitload of blunts. and smoked the night away

    i think were going back to chill with him again tonight!

    oh ya this bud sucked ( like a blunt to the face wouldnt get u that high) but we were chillin in his basement listenin to all different kinds of music and shit just passin blunts, at least like 5 people taht i have never met jsut came up to me and handed me a blunt (like never been sparked hah)

    i dono i just smoked a blunt this mornin and i just thought i would share my night

    anyone else have a good time last night?
  2. Yeah, last night was my b-day, well yesterday was, so I got hella chiefed. I'm really going to be celebrating this weekend when I goto schwagstock. Anyone else goin there lmk so I can say high ahah. Oh yeah last night smoked a fat joint of nugs and fuck idk how many bowls man, it was stupid crazy haha. Ok well see ya all later1!!!!man peace man
  3. hell ya man schwag is where its at(for blnts) as long as you have a bowl of dank to smoke right after to combat that awful schwag headache lol
  4. That sounds like you all had a good time. I've never even seen a pound before that shit must have been crazy. Last night my friends little sister turned 18 so we all got mad drunk and passed her around like she was a blunt.
  5. I had a pretty good night last night too. I went over to my friends house with a couple grams. He and another friend were already drunk when i got there. The 3 of us just chilled outside in a screenhouse for a few hours. Me and my buddy kevin smoked about 8 bowls ( of some pretty schwaggy shit, i'll admit). The other guy that was there had never smoked before so me and kevin tried laying on a little peer pressure to get him to try it but he wouldn't. So after i was pretty baked as a joke i whipped out my crappy corn-cob pipe from CVS and sneakily packed a bowl with some hay (yes, as in what horses eat) that was laying around and really tried to pressure my friend to smoke it. He still wouldn't but kevin ripped the pipe out of my hands and took a huge hit thinking it was herb. Since he was already drunk and stoned it made him throw up and i couldn't stop laughing for like 15 minutes. Good times ;)

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