awesome night!!

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by davida0829, Oct 2, 2010.

  1. ok blades i was dry an was wanted some bud really really bad lol an all of a sudden my dealer calls me up an sais "u wanna smoke some ak47 with me man" so i am like hell yea an he comes over we smoke a few bowls get baked as fuck then 3 chicks an some other dude come over an smoke a bowl an then all the sudden 2 of the chicks start making out:hello:

    needless to say i smoked some of the dankest shit i have ever smoked b4 an it was a perty epic night up till the point my lil sisters friend throws a shoe at my balls an it hits hard:eek:
  2. you were watching your little sister make out with some other chick?
  3. lol noo!!!! it was some chick that was smoking with us my sister was in the house at the time we where in the grauge
  4. Cool night but i would be happier to be with a chick than to watch 2 chicks.
  5. yea me to but hey first time i seen that kinda stuff stoned as shit
  6. man thts amazing since i'm dry and can relate. i hope u pulled a number since u didn't go for the triple kiss
  7. lucky prick you are, yes..
  8. lol yea i was perty lucky it all crashed to shit tho when one of em said they had a cold right before hittin the bong lol but it was perty awesome non the less =] :smoke:
  9. Was this the same dealer that jacked your shit?
  10. yup we mad tight now :smoke: called him on his mistake an he has been chill eversince
  11. The hit to the balls was life's way of telling you to appreciate the good times. ;)
  12. for sure lol guess i shouldnt have stole the remote controll from her lol
  13. LOL dont you love it when your so dry and you think there is NO way out of it... then BAM! your guy hits you with the bud :cool::smoke:
  14. love it more then most things lol :smoke:

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