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Awesome Marijuana Dream

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Rhapsody101, Mar 3, 2010.

  1. Hey! New to the forums, you can call me Rhapsody. Been smoking for about a year and a half now, LOVE IT, I smoke every day, alot of it is because I don't like to drink.

    Anyway on to my dream!

    I was walking down this long empty road with my boyfriend and best friend (Patrick and Adrian, respectively) the two people that got me into smoking (and I love them for it).

    We were all complaining to each other about how we didn't have any smoke, very sad.
    Suddenly this golden escalator appears in front of us from the clouds inviting us to ride it, we get on and it takes us up into the clouds where we meet god.

    God looks like he does in all the paintings I've ever seen him in, flowing white beard and long white hair. But he's wearing a Green Tie-Dye Shirt, he says he heard us complaining and offered to smoke us out.

    we sat on a few fluffy clouds as he pulled out his pipe, it was simple glass and but constantly swirling blue like the ocean. He loads this BADDASS bud that looks bright glowing green with golden veins and we all smoke together, passing it around as god talks about how sad he is that most people consider weed bad and made it illegal.

    He explains he put it on the earth and made it easy to cultivate so PEOPLE WOULD CALM THE FUCK DOWN AND STOP KILLING EACH OTHER. We continued to smoke several bowls with God, and then he says we have to go because he has lots of work to do. He gives us each a little baggie of this amazing weed and a single simple wooden pipe and reminded us to stay humble, and stay high.

    we're back on the road, smoking this awesome weed with a very simple pipe talking about life and how cool god is, then I woke up.

    Probably one of the most badass dreams I've ever had.
  2. thats a pretty awesome dream.
  3. maybe god was talking to you through ur dream.... hmmmmmm the possibilities
  4. Pretty ill ass dream
  5. One time i had a night mare where i had a brand new badass black bong and a huge bag of weed but no lighter.

    It was awful.

    I still shiver about it to this day.
  6. Welcome to GC.

    And I am so JEALOUS of that dream. were you high before crashing or sober?
  7. I was in a pot brownie induced dream.

    I did not wait long enough before I had a second brownie.
    and I crashed the hell out XD best sleep ever though, woke up incredibly refreshed.

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